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Mercado Lonja del Barrranco building

Mercado Lonja del Barrranco Sevilla building

Mercado Barranco (official name is Mercado Lonja del Barranco) is one of  the latest must go to places in Seville. The official opening was at the end of 2014 after going through extensive renovation. It has become quite the hangout for local Sevillanos as well as tourists from all over the world. It is located close to the center of the city. The building itself is a design by Gustave Eiffel. Yes, the same one of the famous Eiffel Tower. Construction of the building began in 1861. It took exactly 22 years to construct. The building itself is a World Heritage Historical Site. It is about 4,000 square feet in size. It houses 20 different vendors selling all kinds of goodies, from tapas, to ice cream to sushi and beef dishes.

Mercado Barranco Seville (Mercado Lonja del Barranco)

mercado barranco seating

Mercado Barranco Seville – plenty of seating for everyone and a must visit place that should be on your Seville itinerary.

Saying the full name of the market is quite a mouth full, so l will still just stick with calling it the Mercado Barranco :-). We had visited before with friends when we came to Seville for the first time. It was on a Saturday, and was packed. We just got a drink and stood at the bar, as there were absolutely no seats available. This time, we went on a weekday, so we could actually enjoy it. It was quite nice inside, it is still new and everything is so clean. It felt good to be in the space. We got ourselves some tapas and beer and had our pick of seats on the outer area, which was covered and had those steam jet things cooling you off. It wasn’t bad at all. I will say it again, give me dry heat any old-time! It is now August which is supposed to be the worst month, temperature wise in Seville. We’ll see :-). Find the best hotel prices for your stay in Seville here.

Checking out the goodies at mercado barranco

Seville Market Hall – Checking out the goodies at La Lonja.

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tapas and beer at mercado barranco seville

What to do in Seville – visit the Mercado Seville for tapas and beer, always a great combination at the barranco bar.

Here are some pictures from the Mercado Barranco. It is a nice way to pass the time after visiting the historic sites in the center. You can eat, drink, and people watch. All the shops are in the center and are surrounded by seats. I love the wide aisles, and especially the open airy feel of the place. You can get an assortment of wine, or visit the beer merchant next to it. I’m not sure if there is an actual micro brewery in there or not, but l think so. I can’t seem to find the picture that l took.

crocquettas at mercado barranco seville

Mercado Barranco Seville offerings. Don’t they look yummy? Croquettes stuffed with all sorts of creamy goodness like cheese and ham.

Tapas galore at mercado barranco

Some of the best places and restaurants in Seville are located in the Mercado Seville. One of the best gastronomy markets in Spain. Tapas galore..we had some of these..


Muffins mercado barranco seville

Restaurantes en Barranco – Muffins, good anytime along with the many oferings of tapas and sushi.

Mercado Lonja del Barranco Hours: 11AM till Midnight

The Mercado Barranco opens at 11AM, which is still breakfast time in Spain :-). I wanted a muffin badly, but decided to forgo it as it was almost 2.30PM when we got there. Had l remembered, l would have bought it to eat the next day. They looked good.

Mercado Barranco Address:

Calle Arjona s/n Seville 41001

gourmet tapas in mercado barranco seville

Gourmet market in Seville – I was trying to figure out what the tapas on the left was. It looks weird. I didn’t understand what he told me, so l just let it go.


stuffed olives at mercado sevilla

Mercado Sevilla – Those stuffed olives were great. I had one with anchovies and ricotta cheese.


mercado barranco

Me at Mercado Sevilla gourmet market. I was ready to eat..


mercado barranco sushi stall

Must visit in Seville – El Mercado Barranco Even the gourmet sushi looked good to me. I’ll have to try it the next time. Quite a nice variety of wine stocked at the Vino bar.


pastry tapas at mercado barranco

We also had some tasty pastry tapas. Mine was with curry chicken, and his was with ham and cheese. Even though mine was good, it could have used some sort of dipping sauce.


tables at mercado barranco

Mercado Barranco Sevilla – Imagine on the weekends, how full this gets, both downstairs, and upstairs. Today, most people were inside, we were part of the brave ones..

I’m sure when the sun goes down, it would be very nice to seat in one of these comfy chairs and watch people strolling or jogging by along the river. This view is from the back of the Mercado Barranco.

 mozzarella stall at mercado barranco!

Mozzarella at Mercado Barranco. I’m glad Federico did not see the mozzarella bar, otherwise he would have gorged on that. His favorite food is buffalo mozzarella!


Marscapone stall at mercado barranco seville.

Barranco Seville – You can finish off your meal with one of the many flavors gelato from Mascarpone.


mercado barranco outside

Must do in Seville – I think in the evenings, this would be a cool place to be to just chill and get a beer or wine at the barranco bar.

Ready to check out Seville?

After dining on tapas, l recommend going out the back and taking a stroll along the river. Make sure you have comfortable shoes as you can make it a long walk if you want. There is plenty of shade, and the view of the Guadalquivir river is picturesque. There are usually sightseeing cruise boats passing by, plenty of joggers and entertainers. On weekends, the Mercado Barranco is open till 2AM, otherwise till midnight. It is always a good idea to check their Facebook page because they often have artist performances and other special events.

view from la lonja del barranco market seville

Gastronomy market with a view. There are benches along the way to take a break and relax in. Very soothing, and often there are buskers entertaining for change.


Looking to the left. Cross the river, and you are in the old center.

Lonjas Seville – Looking to the left from the barranco market. Cross the river, and you are in the old center.

While the Mercado Barranco may not be as big as the ones in Barcelona or Madrid, l think it definitely gives them a run for their money. The outdoor space and view of the river alone makes it unique. Sure l wish there was a paella stand in there, but l don’t mind too much. We know a great place for paella very close to it :-) . If you find yourself in Seville, l recommend checking out the Mercado for some good tapas and drinks.

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Have you been to Seville? If not, would you like to visit and sample some of the very delicious tapas?. How would you compare it to the ones in Barcelona or Madrid if you’ve been?