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lloret de mar d'en plaja castle

View of the D’en Plaja Castle in Lloret de Mar

IIoret de Mar:

Lloret de Mar was the perfect place to visit as a side trip when we were in Barcelona. Prior to the event we attended, l had no knowledge of the existence of this beach town. Now, l can’t seem to stop singing it’s praises. I fell in love. I hope my pictures do it justice.

lloret de mar in costa brava

Why Lloret de Mar is a must visit in Spain: Beautiful Santa Clotilde Gardens

Lloret de Mar has been a favorite destination for people in the European Union for ages. I knew Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner spent some time in Costa Brava during their tumultuous courtship. I did not know that Truman Capote wrote his classic “In Cold Blood” there as well. This was told to us by the town car driver. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could write about such horrible, grisly murders while surrounded by such incredible beauty.

How to get to Iloret de Mar from Barcelona:

There are 3 options for of travel Lloret de Mar to Barcelona or vice versa (Barcelona to Lloret de Mar):

  • Bus. The Moventis #2 bus from either direction. It takes approximately 1 hour and costs €3 and up depending on when you book.
  • Train. The R1 train from Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona to Blanes, at which point you transfer to a bus and get off at Lloret de Mar bus station. Total cost of the journey is roughly €3-7 and takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes.
  • Driving. If you’re driving, your journey will be about 1 hour and the distance is 75 km. If you are renting, a car, get the best prices worldwide at auto Europe

The podcast covers:

Where to stay in IIoret de Mar:

Rosamar Hotel: Awesome!

The Hotel Rosamar and  Spa  which was right on the beach. It was a half board that included full breakfast too, none of that continental breakfast nonsense with dry croissants and cereal. The hotels in Lloret de Mar can be booked as all inclusive as well for a few extra bucks. Very convenient! All inclusive hotels save you from having to find places to eat and might end up saving you money since they are package deals.

hotel room at Rosamar hotel loret de mar

My hotel room in Lloret de Mar

Hotel IIoret de Mar: Rosamar view

lloret de mar rosemar and spa hotel

View from my hotel room terrace. One of the best things to do in Lloret de Mar is to lie on the gorgeous beaches and relax on your vacation.


lloret de mar rosemar hotel and spa

My room with a view. The Hotel Rosamar and Spa in Lloret de mar. lloret de Mar weather is pretty fantastic all summer long.

There are beautiful beaches all along the coast line, so you have your pick. The closest one to the hotel was the Lloret beach. It was so nice to be able to walk the length daily to attend the conference. There were parties nightly, and l never felt unsafe walking by myself in the middle of the night.

Paradise found :-) lloret de mar beach

What is Lloret de Mar like? Paradise found, food, beach, awesome people! :-). This is Lloret de Mar beach


beach front statue lloret de mar beach

Lloret de Mar town centre: One of the open air art pieces found along the beach front..

I also loved walking down the narrow streets discovering little surprises like the Catholic church Santa Roma, with it’s Gothic look or a sweet little bakery that a friend and l had the most delicious red velvet cupcakes.

German tourist! He kept trying to talk to me, and l asked him to pose..Here is the result.. :-) Friendly people everywhere

German tourist! He kept trying to talk to me, and l asked him to pose..Here is the result.. :-) Friendly people everywhere

Santa Rosa Church:

Santa Roma church in lloret de mar

Lloret de Mar what to do: visit the Santa Roma Catholic Church

Santa Clotilde Gardens:

The visit to Santa Clotilde Gardens was so special. It had the most amazing views of the sea. The gardens were donated to the city by the family that own the house. The upkeep required 14 gardeners daily! They do however still retain ownership of the house which is closed to the public. It’s such a beautiful place that you could easily spend hours just people watching and taking in the spectacular views.

gardens lloret de mar clotilde gardens

I love this! Another awesome space at the Clotilde gardens in Lloret de mar.

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lloret de mar santa clotilde gardens

View of the sea from one of the many vantage points


lloret de mar santa clotilde ardens

I loved the statues, and wished l had my other lens for closeups!

The excursion of the coast line with MST Nautica (Charter Lloret) was awesome! Getting to see Lloret de Mar and the neighboring towns from the other side was fantastic.

charter lloret MST Nautica

Marco. Our fantastic Captain..



On our way!

On our way!


One of the coves we saw along the Costa Brava

One of the caves we saw along the Costa Brava


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Beautiful..Tossa de Mar

Beautiful Tossa de Mar Costa Brava views as we sailed.

I want one of those!

I want one of those!


The neighboring town of Tossa de Mar

The neighboring town of Tossa de Mar

Cool thing to do in Lloret de Mar Costa Brava:

Tapas tasting everywhere:

Tapas:  Workshop at El Romani restaurant in Lloret de Mar. It was so much fun learning and getting to try our hand at making tapas! Alas.. my creation did not win! I did however, get to enjoy a lot of awesome food.

el romani restaurant tapas lloret de mar

How do you say no to this? Answer… you don’t :-)


Jamon, and more jamon!

Jamon, and more jamon! Comparing regular ham to the Iberico

The mussels were out of this world!

The mussels were out of this world! Potato brava was also present!


Anchovies! and something that looks like sardine, but it is not!!! Delicious!

Anchovies! and something that looks like sardine, but it is not!!! Delicious!


The freshest ingredients..

The freshest ingredients..


My creation! I went first. I should have waited to see what others came up with .. :-)

My creation! I went first. I should have waited to see what others came up with .. :-)



The owner, Joan Pau judging..

The owner, Joan Pau judging..

IIoret  Restaurants: Places for tapas and drinks in Lloret de Mar:

  • El Romani
  • Bodega de Xarxa
  • La Lonja
  • La Parrilla

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Costa Brava IIoret de mar:

Best things to do in IIoret de mar include:

  • Water world Lloret de Mar
  • Santa Clotilde gardens
  • Iglesia de Sant Roma Gothic church
  • Platja de Fenals city beach
  • Cala Boadela with nude beach section
  • Sould Park – perfect for travelers with kids. Loots of rides and assault course
  • Museo del Mar museum
  • Castillo d’en Platja mediaval fortress
  • Lloret de mar beaches
  • IIoret de mar castle
  • Santa Rosa Parish
Tossa de Mar - pin it for later access.

Tossa de Mar – neighbor to Lloret de Mar Costa Brava is also worth visiting.

parish church of sant roma #lloretdemar #costabrava

Should you visit Costa Brava?

Most definitely! It’s a beautiful beach town with friendly locals. If you’re in Barcelona, I highly recommend the short trip to Lloret de Mar to add to your Catalan experience. Warm sandy beaches and culture plus the nightlife in Lloret de Mar is pretty good. Plenty of clubs and bars and casino to make for awesome nights and lasting memories.

Does Lloret de Mar sound like a place you would consider in the future? or are you just not a beach lover?