Historic Alcazar of Cordoba, Spain and Podcast

alcazar of cordoba entrance with tower of inquisition

Updated: Sep 20, 2019 @

inquisition tower view of the gardens of alcazar of cordoba
Pretty damn impressive. View of the gardens from the Inquisition Tower. You can see the Royal Stable to the right.

The Alcazar of Cordoba was a pleasant surprise. Truth be told, l didn’t even know they had one. I thought the one in Seville was it in the Andalusia region, excluding the Alhambra in Granada of course.

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I found the Seville Alcazar so impressive, l didn’t think this one would measure up. Duh! I had forgotten what an important Roman city Cordoba had been. Rude awakening for me as we wandered the historic fortress that was the royal residence of past monarchs.

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