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What's not to love about Ghent :-) ?

What’s not to love about Ghent :-) ?

I really, really liked Bruges, but Ghent?! I am totally, completely in love with the city. In all honesty, it seems most people either love one or the other. The difference is like saying you prefer 5 fluffy pancakes topped with 20 cut up strawberries, slathered in pancake syrup over 3 fluffy pancakes with 10 strawberries and pancake syrup. Well…duh!!! More is better isn’t it? :-), Ghent for me, is the former.


Why Ghent is a must visit in Belgium:

Ghent view of water and buildings

Ghent is one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit. No Belgium itinerary is complete without a visit in my opinion.


Ghent Belgium building with the bellfry in rear

Beauty all around you.. Bellfry Gent in the rear


stunning architecture on Bhent street

Love the curves. Ghent is simply beautiful. Your Ghent itinerary should include just walking around away from the center to take in the architecture.

Visit Ghent or Brugge?: The question

Visit Ghent:

Both places are medieval towns in the Flemish region of Belgium. Brugge is famous for Lace, Ghent produces Wool. Both have a UNESCO site, with Ghent’s being the Bellfry. Ghent, however, is still a port town.  The people of Ghent were also badass rebels against the regime of King Charles the V in the 1500’s.

As punishment, he used to humiliate them by having them walk around in white tees with a rope around their necks. That is why people from Ghent are called rope or noose bearers. Both are awesome places, but we both prefer Ghent if one has to pick. It is still more authentic.

SIV_5227 copy

Notice that Bierhuis in the back? :-) Bet you have a lovely view from the top.

 How to get to Ghent center from the the train station:

After the roughly half hour train ride from Brussels Central Station, the train arrives at the Ghent train station called St. Peter’s. To get to the city centre, you need to take the Flanders Expo tram number 1. Easy to find, just follow everyone. A one way ticket cost us €15 or something like that. If you come back within 24 hours, the round trip ticket is discounted quite a bit but this wasn’t applicable to us because we were spending a few nights in Ghent.

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Where to stay in Gent:

View from our hotel room at night..

View from our hotel room at night..

We stayed smack dab in the center at the Ibis St. Baafs Kathedraal hotel.  Everything was within walking distance of the hotel so we really loved it and can recommend this hotel as one of the best hotels in Ghent. The stop on the tram is Korenmarkt, and from there, it is just about a 2 minute walk to the hotel. Our room overlooked a lovely square with sidewalk cafe and we had a great view of the Cathedral. The St. Bavo’s Cathedral right across from the hotel was being refurbished, so we did not get to see inside of it.

What to see in Ghent :

  • Gravensteen Castle
  • The Bellfry
  • Grafitti Alley
  • St. Bavo’s Cathedral
  • Korenmarkt
  • Gent City Hall
  • St Nicholas Church

Gravensteen Castle It is so hard to put into words, so hopefully the pictures will make you consider adding this to your bucket list, or at least consider it. I feel torn, you want people to visit, yet you dream of it staying just the way it is. We are already trying to see when we can visit this absolutely gorgeous place again. 

Gravensteen Castle in Gent

Gravensteen Castle, right in the city.

Het Belfot Van Gent (Ghent Belfry):

Ghent Bellfry at night view

The Bellfry is beautiful from any angle, day or night.

Grafitti Alley:

 There is a whole, long alleyway that is devoted to graffiti and it is an unusual thing to see in Ghent. There are a lot of talented people out there, and we loved checking out the street art. I think it’s cool that the city did this. That way, the rest of the center is pretty much left intact. It changes constantly too.SIV_5185 copy

grafitti in Ghent woman with yellow hair

Just one of the many impressive street artworks in the Gent grafitti alley.


alley in Ghent with all street art

What to do in Gent? Visit graffitti alley. It goes from one street to another..lots of space to be creative.

What we loved about Ghent:

Small businesses thrive here. Of course, there are the usual suspects, like Zara and H&M etc. There are also wonderful, individually owned stores that seemed to be doing well. It is so refreshing to see individuality. Hand made jewellery, bags, etc. being sold by the shop owners..nice! Small businesses are becoming like dinosaurs unfortunately. It’s a shame to travel so far away and see nothing but the same ten or so stores worldwide.

mannequin covered in world currencies woman form

It was nice to see unique displays in windows such as this one woman form covered with currencies from all over the world.

The humongous, car free center. How nice not having to dodge cars. The trams, yes.. :-). You get so caught up looking everywhere, that you don’t hear the tram. I think they are electric too, so really quiet. Definitely something to watch for when you are there.

ghent belgium center square

This is where the market is held on the weekends in Ghent, our top highlight of Belgium.

The people. Ghent is a University town, so there is a youngish vibe to the city, which is not always a bad thing :-). There were also less tourists than Bruges, so you got to interact more with the local people. Everyone was nice and friendly. Most people spoke 3 languages, which l always find very impressive and we had no trouble communicating in English.

The canals. The view from St. Michael’s bridge is one of the most beautiful. It felt good to sit at one of the many cafes and just people watch.

ghent belgium

The castle is in the rear. It’s nice to see people enjoying the day and what a lovely setting to do that in.

There are plenty of canals in Ghent, much like in Brugges offering lots of places for those perfect Instagram shots. Just wandering around and checking out the amazing architecture of the city brings me joy. The fact that it is less crowded that Brugge lets you fully take in the beauty.

canal view in Ghent Belgium

Imagine taking one of the boat tours and seeing the city from a different view point. The beauty of the city is staggering.

Ghent is a must visit in Belgium cathedral

In front of St. Nicholas Church, one of many in Ghent. There is a restaurant below (following that pathway) that has great food!

Wandering around at night: We walked around a lot while we were there, even got lost a few times. We never felt unsafe as we wound our way back to the center. Tip: Don’t use a cathedral as a marker :-). We spent 4 days here, but we could have easily spent another few days. We liked it that much.

The night view is even more impressive.

Ghent Belgium. The night view is even more impressive.

night view in Ghent

The food in Ghent

You definitely have your whole range of food here, from Chinese (fantastic), to Spare ribs (delicious) to sushi (wow!). Never mind the crepes, Belgian fries and waffles sold by the vendors. I did not have any fries in Ghent, so l can’t say if they were good or not, the other two definitely were. We also found it slightly cheaper than Bruges.

We did find it odd that the McDonald’s did not serve breakfast food. We found this out one early morning. We started out at a cafe, sat down before discovering they only had dessert food, like cakes and pudding, and a lonely, scrawny croissant available. I am not sure how you are expected to eat a Big Mac for breakfast, it was only 9.30am :-(. Luckily, there is a cafe next to it, called Exki, a small chain of fast food cafes across Europe. Go in there, and you can have your fill of fresh-baked goodies at a reasonable price. If you are a vegetarian, or vegan, you will love Ghent for it’s Veggie Thursdays campaign and the abundance of vegan restaurants.

One of the many delicious crepes consumed in Ghent.

One of the many delicious crepes consumed.


Awesome Chinese food in Ghent!

Awesome Chinese food can be found in Ghent !


The Graffiti Alley. There is a whole, long alleyway that is devoted to graffiti. There are a lot of talented people out there, and we loved checking out the street art. I think it’s cool that the city did this. That way, the rest of the center is pretty much left intact. It changes constantly too.

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Saint Nicholas' Church and Celtic Towers. #ghent #belgium #visitghent

Saint Nicholas’ Church and Celtic Towers.

ghent pinterest

Why Ghent is a must visit in Belgium #ghent #gent #belgium #ghentguide #ghentmustsee #visitghent

Plenty of beer, plenty of gorgeous places, plenty of food, plenty of chocolate, and plenty of people. What more do you want? Get thee to Ghent!!! Don’t tell too many people though :-). If your trip includes Brussels, make sure to check out the Brussels highlights.

Have l managed to convince you to visit Ghent? Have you been to Bruges or Ghent? Which do you prefer?