Life In Valencia Is Still Fantastic


Yes, life in Valencia is still fantastic. Amazing in fact. I know I’ve been MIA for a long time. I just haven’t felt like blogging. Lately, I have just been posting on Facebook, Instagram, and some TikTok. Why have l been tired of blogging? I have no idea. Well, maybe a little. I think the …

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Living Well In Vietnam For Less

worker in the field rolling hay in Vietnam. Living well in Vietnam for less blog post

A new, must-listen podcast with Paul Kennedy, an ex-pat currently living in Hanoi Vietnam, and one who has a very interesting story to tell. Here is how a short vacation turned into four years and counting travel experience which has him living well in Vietnam for a lot less than one would have thought. Living …

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Receiving Mail As Expats: A Review Of Anytime Mailbox

mailwoman delivering mail in snow. Anytime mailbox

mailwoman delivering mail in snow. Receiving mail as expats with Anytime mailbox

We have been ex-pats for quite a few years now, having left the U.S. over eight years ago for a life of travel in faraway places. It has however been important to have an address on file back home as part of our footprints since not all ties were severed. How to keep on receiving mail after leaving the states? Here is how we receive our mail as ex-pats with Anytime Mailbox.

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In this latest episode, I present to you, Stewart Gatsi, a true renaissance man who has reinvented himself several times over. World traveler architect, ex-pat, musician, teacher, and now author. We share similar backgrounds so l was eager to chat with him, and it was good! Rough Guide To Planet Earth: We had both been …

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It’s been a long time since l had an update about life in Valencia. The main reason is of course that things hadn’t changed much. Groundhog day and all that. This will be just a quick update as to the state of things both in Valencia, and the country as a whole. Cue nervous optimism …

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