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plate of argentinian steak with salad and potatoes

The best steak at La Tranquera.. Ever! The rock salt was just perfect on it. Sorry..we only had our old cell phones.

La Tranquera was certainly a lovely discovery for us. We love food. We all love all kinds of food. It seems weird even to me to be  talking about Argentinian food in Spain. Trust me when l say, the food here is so good, it deserves to be shouted from the rooftops.

In a sea of restaurants all along the area close to the ancient Mezquita where the restaurant is located, it was a great find. We literally followed our noses, just like Scooby :-) .

la tranquera cordoba interior

The atmosphere at la Tranquera is so warm. A lone diner waits for his grilled steak. We had made a reservation on this night.

La Tranquera is a small, but extremely busy restaurant in Cordoba. As l told you on the last post, we were in Cordoba a little before we were scheduled to be, thanks to our most horrendous (at the time) trip gone wrong. What a wonderful treat Cordoba turned out to be. It is a city so full of history and warm people, not to mention great food.

The woman at the hotel we stayed at had given us the name of a restaurant close by, which turned out to be awesome as well. On our way to that place, we saw tons of people waiting to be seated outside of La Tranquera. They had tables on the outside in a courtyard, and every single seat was taken as well.

pate of olives green

These were a different kind of olives than we are used to in Seville. We loved it more. Gotta find which kind it is as there are so many varieties.

plate of salmorejjo at la tranquera cordoba restaurant

A favorite in Andalusia. Salmorejjo . I liked it. It is a cold soup made with a tomato paste base and topped with bacon and boiled eggs.

What draws you to La Tranquera restaurant is the aroma of the meat being grilled. Impossible to ignore, especially if you are carnivores like us. We vowed to come back the next night. We were salivating, and were not disappointed. The next night got just as packed, and we were lucky to have come early (9pm..early for Spain).

We got the last table for 2. It’s not a huge restaurant by any means. There are 5 tables on the bottom floor and 3 more tables on the first floor. This makes for a very warm and cozy experience. The tables were candle-lit and the colors on the walls are mostly red. The decor is also very nostalgia inducing, with framed pictures of old-time movie and sports stars from l assume South America. People like the football player Lionel Messi and Carlos Gardel.

2 glasses of red argentinian wine at la tranquera

Delicious Argentinian wine at restaurant La Tranquera, the best Argentinian food in Cordoba.


flamenquin plate with salad and poptatoes at la tranquera restaurant Cordoba

Flamenquin – another favorite specialty of Cordoba. Deep fried pork and something.. :-) .


Our lovely waitress. I can't believe l forgot her name. She was fantastic with us.

Our lovely waitress at restaurant La Tranquera in Cordoba. I can’t believe l forgot her name. She was fantastic with us.

The other tables were filled with locals, so we took that as a good sign. What we also found funny l guess is that every. single. last person ordered the same main plate. Everybody! Federico asked what it was, and said we wanted the same to share as it looked like a big portion and we had ordered appetizers.

We were thrilled with the Entrana. I have  had Argentinian steaks before, but l have to say this one was the best one ever. It was frigging fabulous!!! The table behind us had 3 young couples on a triple date. They all had the steak, and the girls took the leftovers home.

Aha! He can actually smile with prodding.

Aha! He can actually smile with prodding. The food at la Tranquera had a positive effect on him despite all our travel woes. Food really can heal!

chocolate cake dessert

Cordoba La Tranquera restaurant – Dessert one day was chocolate cake volcano thing – Federico loved it, I’m not huge on chocolate.


dessert pancake la tranquera cordoba

This l loved.. Pancaque , with honey and caramel base sauce. Yummy!!!

Everything was really delicious. So good in fact, that we went back the next night :-) . The waitress was amazing. She was the only one who served all the tables, both up and down as well as answer the phone and attended to the customers who kept trickling in hoping for tables. She did it all with a smile and never left you wanting.

It was 2 great dinners we had there, almost identical items ordered.  I highly recommend this place if you make it out to Cordoba. I can definitely see how they got the excellence awards like 4 years running.

Our bill on the first night was $41 (3 appetizers, 2 glasses of Argentinian wine, 1 main plate, 1 dessert). The second night was $46 but we had an extra glass of wine and espresso. Very reasonable in my book :-) .

You can find them here, and they are open till late. A wise person would book ahead, which we did the second night :-) .

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la tranquera emapanada

Of course we had Empanada both nights. Both kinds, Cheese and Meat :-)

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Are you a meat lover like us? or are you a vegetarian? How good does the food at La Tranquera look to you? scrumptious or forgettable?