How Is Valencia Now? A Walk In The Center Of The Stunning Spanish City

Receiving Mail As Expats: A Review Of Anytime Mailbox

mailwoman delivering mail in snow. Anytime mailbox

mailwoman delivering mail in snow. Receiving mail as expats with Anytime mailbox

We have been ex-pats for quite a few years now, having left the U.S. over eight years ago for a life of travel in faraway places. It has however been important to have an address on file back home as part of our footprints since not all ties were severed. How to keep on receiving mail after leaving the states? Here is how we receive our mail as ex-pats with Anytime Mailbox.

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Continuing in our mode of not traveling internationally in the immediate future choosing instead to explore our own big backyard, we recently spent a week in Catalunya, visiting what turned out to be a really nice gem of a discovery, the wonderful city of Tarragona, surely someplace we wouldn’t have considered in the past. Here … Read more

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