Blue waters of malaga

Malaga Beach

I feel stress and have the blues of the sea in the picture above. I was hoping this post would be all bubbly and exciting as l inform you that we moved to Spain, Malaga to be exact. Instead, l am feeling stressed and underwhelmed. It has nothing to do with this beautiful city. It is just a combination of things gone awry that led to it. Just a week or so ago, l was still very excited about our move. Everything was going well, maybe too well. In the space of 3 days, things fell apart.

We had been in the process of selling our house in Texas as we plan on staying in Europe for a while and were in escrow. Three days before closing, the buyers had to pull out due to the buyers of their house pulling out and the bank refusing to let them carry two mortgages. This means we have lost valuable time as the school season will soon start and the market shrinks. More stress.

The same day, l got bad news on another property. The chimney had collapsed and needed rebuilding. The insurance was not going to cover it. I can’t even tell you how much because l have not wrapped my head around it, but insanely major ouch. Can you say more stress!

Doing what he does best!

Doing what he does best!

No stress dog

No stress for this baby!

We ended up spending an extra €600 to get our dogs on the same flight as us. It was supposed to be €200 via Lufthansa. Upon getting to the airport, we were informed that it was a code share with Air Malta and therefore we had to pay Air Malta price. This really pissed me off. They refused to clarify with Lufthansa, and so we had no choice. I am hoping l will be able to recover the money. Stress!!!!

The worst part is that we have only 2 days more to find an apartment. The way the realtors work over here is just weird. They do not share listings. Say you want an apartment in Area A, you need to find a realtor located there, who maybe has 10 listings or so. If nothing fits your criteria, they can not help you. You would need to go to another. At least in Malta, the landlord lists with all the major companies, and whoever rents it gets the commission.

We also picked the worst time as the Feria starts in just a few days, and these greedy landlords want insane amounts of money for the week. Factor in the fact that they take siesta for 3 hours in the afternoon and do not work weekends, the stress level is high for me, which is unusual. I am the ultimate Pollyanna. We have seen four flats in total, and they are just horrid. Old, smelly, and in noisy areas.

I am not going to settle, l would rather live a bit outside of town than settle. It is more complicated for us as we need a terrace for the dogs, which limits our choices. We have been enjoying the tapas and seafood in the meantime, not to mention the wine. Helps to relieve stress :-)

Malaga burrito

Malaga version of a Mexican burrito! So very good!!!


Yummy seafood soup

Yummy seafood soup

That being said, l feel a bit more optimistic after a pep talk from my husband. We are going to as many realtors as we can fit in and also scouring the net for private lettings. Something will happen, l hope. Wish us luck. It would be nice to go from stress to relief.

How about you? Any stress in your life right now? How do you cope with stress?