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Pet and house sitting world are things that have gained traction over the past few years, and it continues to do so, especially now that the world is getting back to a new normal after covid wreaked havoc and people are now making up for the lost time by visiting family.

Pet and house sitting world travels – Brittnay

My conversation with Brittnay pricked up my ears once again. It got me thinking about dipping my toes into the pet and house-sitting world, something l had thought about years ago after an interview with other sitters.

Brittnay and her partner, Jay sort of fell into the world of pet sitting by accident, and on this podcast, she shares the story with me, along with other tidbits that are beneficial to anyone thinking of doing this.

Highlights of Brittnay’s pet and house sitting world podcast interview:

  • How the whole pet sitting adventures started for her in London.
  • Getting her first sit.
  • traveling while doing what she loves, spending time with animals.
  • How pet sitting has allowed her to visit at least 15 countries.
  • Pet sitting enables her to make friends all over the world.
  • Some of the posh places where she has looked after pets.
  • Surprise pet at a sit, a first for her, but she loved it. 
  • What to look for when applying for pet and house sitting.
  • Her most memorable sits (wine yard access anyone?, plus a great Greece sit).
  • Finding an opportunity that suits you well.
  • Why it’s important that you love animals to consider this, it’s not just to get free accommodation.
  • How she helps others ease into the world of pet and house sitting through her website and Facebook group page.
  • How covid impacted her travels.
  • Important things to know before the homeowners leave so that you are not rushed.
  • What’s in store for her going forward?
  • Advice for anyone thinking of pet and house sitting.
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Not a bad view while pet sitting in Greece! There are so many opportunities out there for pet lovers. The first picture up top is on another house-sit of which she has done over 45!

It was a lot of fo fun chatting with Brittnay, it’s obvious from her demeanor that she loves what she does. After having quite a few interactions with pet sitters, l have a sort of sixth sense, I’d like to think about good people. I have made friends with some of the people that have looked after our dogs while we’ve been away and we still stay in touch.

You certainly meet a lot of the neighbors that way, which can often lead to tips on places to eat, and things to see that might not be on the tourist radar. This enriches the experience for the sitters.

Listen to the pet and house sitting world podcast below:

Get in touch with Brittnay:

Brittnay can be found via her website, thetravellinghousesitters where she shares her four free strategies for getting a pet and house sitting assignment.

You can also find her Facebook group here

As I’ve mentioned before, pet sitting and indeed house sitting is a fantastic way to get to see the world and explore new cultures, but love for pets is crucial.

People depend on pet sitters to care for their “family” while they go on vacation, or attend to family matters, etc. especially when they are ex-pats and don’t have family close by that could watch their pets. It is an enormous responsibility. Emergencies happen, and you need someone who can handle the various situations that might pop up.

pet and house sitting world travels, woman with brown lab in an opne field with city skyline behind
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Great for the owners, and great for the sitters, a win-win situation. This dog definitely seems to be enjoying the attention.
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If this sounds like a good thing, l urge you to check out Brittnay’s Facebook group as well as her site for pointers.

Have you done any house or pet sitting? Did you like it? and would you recommend it to others?

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