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I know it’s been a while since we had a “podcast with expats” episode, but with all the travels we did the last year, detailed on our looking back recap post there was just very little time to make it happen. I hope to get back on a somewhat regular schedule.

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This podcast episode features Clyde and Terry, a married couple who have been traveling the world full time for the last year. This is after being expats in Panama on  “pensionado”  visas. I caught up with them recently on their latest house sit, which just happened to be right here in Valencia, Spain. Can l just say l was envious of the sit? A 5 bedroom, 3 bath villa in a nice suburb with a pool to boot! In their charge was a dog, a cat and a turtle. On this podcast, they share how they travel the world on their own terms and how you can too.

How to travel the world by house sitting:

Clyde and Terry Podcast notes:


Clyde and Terry retired to Panama and lived there for 5 years before deciding to travel the world as house and pet sitters. They sold it all and haven’t looked back.

What does house sitting mean?

House sitting is a sort of barter system that benefits both the sitter and the house owner. The owners prefer to have someone taking care of their house, collecting mail, light house keeping and for safety reasons (making sure the house looks lived in and not abandoned to keep away thieves or squatters) when they go away for an extended length of time.

Sometimes house sitting is combined with pet sitting. The house sitter is expected to care for the animals of the owners. Often times, when home owners go away on vacation, they might not want to leave their pets in kennels for various reasons, one of which is usually expense, this can sometimes equal the price of a hotel room. We as homeowners know this, and most long time readers know that we have used pet sitters in the past, like when we visited beautiful Lagos in Portugal among others.

Our main reason apart from expense in using house sitters is that we think it’s less traumatic for our beloved pets. We don’t like to switch their routine and would rather have them stay on familiar grounds. House sitters provide a peace of mind because the owners can be assured that their pets are well cared for by other pet lovers.

Some pets might have medical problems requiring medication which can in turn be administered by the sitters. The house sitter(s) benefits because they are provided free lodging while on vacation. They usually have free reign as to the use of the facilities like  kitchen, pool, WiFi, gym etc. It’s win-win situation for both sides.

How to get a house sitting job and how does house sitting work?

Good questions! There are several platforms that match sitters and owners. Clyde and Terry share the ones they use. There is a minimal fee on both sides to join and it involves background checks and proof of identity. I know that l feel better leaving my pets and valuables behind to vetted people.

Clyde and Terry also discuss their motivation for chucking it all in and deciding to travel the world. Their monthly budget is disclosed and what they spend that amount on. Of course, their budget is either high or low depending on what you wish to accomplish through your travels, but it gives an idea of what to expect for a couple who travel full time.

If you want to find out how to travel the world, how they are enjoying the traveling lifestyle, if they intend on keeping it going, and how they spend their time between sits, then I suggest you listen to this informative podcast. They also offer up snippets of good advice for anyone contemplating such a nomadic life of travel.

Terry also discusses why travel insurance is a necessity. Imagine a health emergency in a foreign land! He had a serious health problem and talks about how they handled the medical emergency in a foreign land where they didn’t speak the language, how they were treated and also how much it cost them out of pocket. Use our affiliate link below at no extra cost to you to get a quote.

Travel Insurance is a must! Get your free quote  here.

House sitting Panama:

Panama is a very popular country for Americans to settle in. The need for house sitters is obviously great. You can find out how to strengthen your chances of being accepted by following the pointers given by Tery and Clyde. They have experience with house sitting in Panama, and actually lived there for a few years.

House sitting Spain:

Spain is also another popular destination for expats. We live in Spain and obviously use house sitters. As stated above, we were able to connect with Terry and Clyde in real life when they were house sitting in Valencia. If you want to know how to become a house sitter and see the world, check out their blog.

Interested in house and pet sitting? Find Clyde and Terry on their site.

More information on how you too can travel the world or find out how how to start a house sitting business can be found on their house sitting website:

Terry’s travel blog started 6 years ago and can be found here.

My thoughts on house sitting around the world:

I think house sitting is wonderful for people who truly love pets and also want to travel. I only caution wannabe house sitters that they should not consider this if they have no love for dogs and cats especially. This way of life is not for people just looking for free accommodation while they travel. This is unfair for both the house owners and the pets. People are depending on you to care for the animals as if they were your own. You can instead look for pure house sitting jobs and not pet sitting jobs. They do exist.


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Have you harboured the thoughts of traveling the world by harnessing your love of pets? If it’s something that you’re doing already, how do you like it? Any tips for beginners?