Podcast with Expats 4 – Allison in Japan

podcast with expats 4 allison in japan
Allison and her husband DJ

Podcast with Expats 4 – This episode is with Allison Jones. She is a budding entrepreneur who is currently finishing her Master’s  program in Marriage Counseling while still living overseas. Allison is currently in Japan with her basketball playing husband in the suburbs of Tokyo. They have been there for almost 6 months after spending the previous year in Italy, close to Milan where he played in the Italian league. Allison herself was featured in an infamous episode  on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16th” birthday series. Years later, thanks to re-runs, she is still being recognized from the show and her determination to empower young women arose from a letter she received from a teenage girl.

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Tokyo, Japan – Our First Impressions


A little greenery at the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa prefecture, Tokyo, Japan
A little greenery at the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa prefecture, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan was certainly not on proverbial bucket list.  It has only been recently that it came on the radar. I think it was mostly due to the WTM event that we attended at the end of last year. Seeing the presentations from the different countries in Asia spurred our interest. The post about our destination wish list for the new year included Japan and Maldives. Thanks to crazy airfare deals, we were able to cross Maldives off the list and now, Japan as well. We have just recently come back from a 12 day trip in Tokyo. It was marvelous. There are some things that strike you about the city that are worth mentioning, as they impressed us.

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Toji Temple in Kyoto, Japan – A Postcard

toji temple in kyoto japan postcard
The highest pagoda in all of Japan. It stands at 187ft.

Toji Temple in Kyoto,  Japan has got to be one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to. I just had to share this picturesque, absolutely zen place with you. I am sure you noticed that there was no post last week. Truth be told, we were having too much fun in Tokyo and Kyoto before that. I had tried to write ahead, but l was so excited about the trip that l couldn’t concentrate.  We had also gotten the tickets rather cheaply, thanks to an error fare, so l was afraid the airline would realize their mistake and cancel our tickets. If l had made it public knowledge, then had to cancel, l would have looked like a schmuck..and would have been very angry 🙂 . I promise to fill you in on the trip once l am over the jet lag and can focus a bit. In the meantime, enjoy the postcard. This picture is from the gardens of one of the most famous temples. The Toji Temple in Kyoto. My goodness, there is a ton of them all over this little city. A ton! Temples and Shrines. It was impossible to fit more than two or three into our three night visit to Kyoto.  The only sucky part of the trip was that we missed the cherry blossom season in Japan. I was so looking forward to the burst of colors, but wouldn’t you know our timing was wrong 🙁 . I had read the best time to see them was early April, but those suckers bloomed starting March 21, so there was very little of them still around. We got to see some, but it would have been nice to see the full on bloom. As it was, my allergies were killing me, so maybe it’s just as well. Sayonara for now! 🙂 .

Any cherry blossoms in your neck of the woods? If so, did you enjoy them..or do you have allergies like yours truly?










Podcast with Expats 3 – Frank and Lissette in Europe

podcast with expats 3 europe
Frank and Lissette in Cape Town, South Africa.

Podcast with Expats 3, the series continues with an interview with Frank Thomae. Frank and his wife Lissette are Canadians who took up the nomadic life two years ago. The first year was sort of a trial run to see if they would enjoy doing this full time. A wise decision if you ask me, as things are not always what you picture, so it pays to be cautious. They have been slow traveling across Europe. In their case, they stay in each place for one to two months at a time, using AirBnB rental accommodations. Frank discusses how they travel while Lissette still works for the same company on the road.

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Podcast with Expats 2 – Anita and Richard in Portugal.

anita and richard podcast with expats

Podcast with Expats 2 is all about Anita and Richard in Portugal. The married couple left the U.S over four years ago for a life of travel. They divested themselves of their worldly goods, including their home in Texas. The first few years were spent in Mexico and Latin America. They have now settled into the Algarve region of Portugal. Join us as they talk about their new life in beautiful Lagos.

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