Experiencing Erin Ijesha Waterfalls, Nigeria

Prior to our visit to the Erin Ijesha waterfalls, l had no idea that Nigeria had any such natural beauty. All my past visits have been spent mainly in big cities of Lagos and Ibadan. Anyone who is familiar with either city knows how bad the traffic is. Therefore, you put off anything that will put you smack dab in the middle of traffic unless truly necessary. I was delighted to visit to this waterfall. It was about a two-hour ride from Ibadan on really, really rough roads. Absolutely worth it though as you can guess from the images.

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Historic Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove Is Terrific!

Historic osun osogbo sacred grove is a remarkable beauty

If anyone had told me that Nigeria has a UNESCO World Heritage Site, l would have scoffed. I had certainly never read nor heard about that. All we seem to hear about is Boko Haram and Internet Scammers. Our recent visit to Nigeria where we spent the most of December was an enlightening one. Not only did we get to visit with family, but we also traveled short distances from our bases in Ibadan and Lagos to visit some of the cultural landmarks including the Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove. The grove is located in the South West of Nigeria and is one of the last remaining ones in the country. Most groves have been abandoned thanks to population growth and in my opinion, more westernized religion and the dying off of old people.

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That Was Quick! Looking Back At a Terrific Year

miami skyline nextbiteoflife

That was extremely quick! 2016 seems to have come and gone in a flash. It seems like just yesterday l was reflecting on 2015 and our plans for the new year. Here l am again with a wrap-up of our fun and travel filled year. We have enjoyed sharing the year with you and hope to keep on doing that in the new year. By my calculation, the longest we stayed at home in Seville at any one time was three weeks and our longest trip was 33 days! We couldn’t have done it without the absolutely wonderful pet sitters we found through my favorite company, Housesitmatch. I highly recommend them to any homeowner, and nope.. I am not being paid to say that, just a grateful client :-) .

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3 Big Worrying Fears That Make Me Restless

3 big worrying fears nextbiteoflife

It’s not quite the blog post one expects to see on Christmas day, but there you have it. I was jolted out of a deep sleep a couple of nights ago and had a hard time going back to sleep. The older l get, the less sleep l seem to need and the more l realize that life is pretty precious. While some things worry me more than others, there are three fears that keep me up at night.

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How Sensational is the Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok?


The answer is pretty sensational. I’ll tell you that right off the bat. The last part of our much too short vacation¬† week was spent at the absolutely amazing grounds of the five star Chatrium Hotel with its jaw dropping views of the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok. Our original plan had been to spend a couple of days in Bangkok, then a day and half in Chiang Mai to visit some friends who had recently moved there, and then back to Bangkok for the remaining days. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans :-) .

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