Hindu Festival in New Delhi, India

white horse with paint and decoration held by a man
A colorful horse and his handler on the streets of New Delhi celebrating a Hindu holiday.

During our visit to India back in October, we were fortunate enough to experience one of the many Hindu festivals that take place in New Delhi. The monsoon season  which always brings lots of rainfall to South India and runs from June to early October had just ended . I think after all that wetness, the people were extremely happy to have good weather and another reason to celebrate. From what l gather October is the start of many a festival, culminating with Diwali, the biggest one of all.

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Fab Friday Find Film – Max

Max movie 2015
Max and Justin

Max is a 2015 heart warming movie that l was hesitant to watch. It just didn’t sound like too much fun. I am so glad that we made time to watch it. It’s a great little movie about a young boy and a dog who have to help each other heal after a loss. Unless you’re a cold hearted snake, you will enjoy it. It reminds you of those old time adventure kids stories like Rin Tin Tin or the Hardy Boys mysteries. Perfect for kids of of all ages.

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Los Angeles – 5 must visits places in the city of Angels.

image of venice board walk, palm trees and volleyball beach
The bike bath on the Venice board walk

Los Angeles – our recent visit had me reminiscing about various places in this metropolis. You know that saying, you can’t go home again? Well, we went back to Los Angeles, a place l called home for twenty years (minus a month :-) ) and it felt good. It wasn’t just the part of seeing old friends and people l consider family, it was also the pleasure l took in being a tourist in what was once my backyard. Years ago, when friends would visit, l would drop them off at Universal or Venice Beach while l went to work, never fully enjoying things that Los Angeles had to offer. After a while, everywhere just becomes home, and you fail to see the beauty anymore. The traffic sucks, so a drive to the beach has you thinking if you want to deal with the 2 way or longer each way traffic. It was nice to visit at our own leisure this time. It made me appreciate Los Angeles a bit more. Here are five iconic destinations  that should be included in any L.A trip.

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Fab Friday Find Photo – Back to the future!

fab friday find photo puerto rico
Me in front of a  Taino Indian”Bohio” in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

I found this fab Friday find in my archives as l was looking for a letter. This is me on one of my trips to Puerto Rico. The picture is dated 1985. Thank God by the way for the old stamps. The memory is not what it used to be and l get confused sometimes as to when the trips were. One of my best friends in school was from Puerto Rico, born and bred in San Juan. I didn’t go back to Africa for that summer, so his family invited me to spend some time with them. I think this was on my second trip.We piled into his dad’s car one day along with his junior brother and sister and he drove us to Ponce. The point of the post is to show that fashion is forever revolving in a true circle. Take the pants l’m wearing for instance.  They are the same “jeggings” that are being worn nowadays. It reminds me of my old high school principal. We nicknamed him “Pencil” :-). Why you ask? Because he only wore the slim pants that everyone wears today. In those days however, we were still wearing bell bottoms, so it was so strange to see this man in fitted pants. Yet, in 1985, l was wearing the same molded to my body  jeans, proving what goes around, comes around :-).

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We love Flamenco 2016, Seville – A bird’s eye view

we love flamenco 2016
Beautiful Flamenco outfit, love the back. The design ties it all together. This one is one of my favorites.

We love flamenco is to Seville what the New York Fashion week is to..well..pretty much everyone in the fashion industry. Flamenco has been a part of Andalucia since the late 18th century. A mixture of Spanish folklore, Indian and African sounds, it was popularized by the Roma people of Andalucia. It is still going strong today. Here are some images from the “We love flamenco 2016” occasion. A yearly, runway event held in Seville, not only to showcase amazingly talented designers, but to also help raise money for charity.

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