Feast of St. Joseph, Malta 4

St. Joseph ??? Nope, don’t know much about him either, so I’m not even going to pretend that l do. You can get a bit more information here. From what l understand, he was the husband of Mary, therefore the father of Jesus in my book, at least in the real world. He is celebrated […]


house of terror - berlin wall reminant

House of Terror, Budapest 12

  House of Terror is now also known as the Museum of Terror. An imposing gray building on the famous Andrassy Boulevard, it is located between downtown (Octagon) and Heroes Square. It has served as a true house of horror through different regimes in Hungary. It served as the headquarters for the Hungarian Nazis and […]

Sliema, Malta’s Beverly Hills 11

Sliema is the touristic center of Malta. A lot of people, including yours truly, call Malta a concrete jungle. It is a fitting description, and nowhere is it more evident that in Sliema. This is where most tourists stay, along with neighboring St. Julian and Paceville, the party central. There is constant construction, and the […]

Sightseeing cruises around the Sliema ferries

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Berlin Zoo and the Pergamon Museum 6

Our recent trip to Berlin included a couple of days spent at the Zoo as well as the beautiful Pergamon Museum. I was like a kid in a candy store at the zoo. Being from Africa, a lot of people assume that l lived among wildlife.. :o). I remember kids in school asking me about […]

East Side Gallery in Berlin 6

During our recent trip to Berlin, it was impossible not to visit it’s past horrible history. You would never guess from looking at the city, with the life that pulses through it at all hours, that  so much pain and misery was suffered before the enjoyment. One only has to travel to the East Side […]

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