Cop Car – Fab Friday Find Film

cop carCop Car is a recent thriller that stars Kevin Bacon as small town Sheriff Kretzer somewhere in Texas. It is a small independent movie, but it’s very engaging. You have to get past the stupid moustache that Kevin wears though, as it just looks silly. He’ll always look like the young man from Footloose :-) . The movie starts off quite thrilling. Two young boys are running away from home. They come upon what looks to be an abandoned cop car and of course go to investigate…bad decision.

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Noche en Blanco in Seville

noche en blanco seville 2015

This was my favorite Roman bust. I think it’s Caesar, but l can not remember.

Noche en Blanco 2015 has come and gone in Seville! This is a yearly tradition in the city. This year it took place on October 2nd. We happened on it by accident actually. The evening is dedicated to culture, with many of the museums, historic and cultural heritage sites open to all for free starting at  8PM and some  staying open until 2AM. Some of the places open included the Seville Cathedral and Antiquarium. We were actually headed back to the Festival of Nations when we noticed the huge crowds everywhere in the center of the old city. I guess the fact that the metro was crowded all the way from where we started (the beginning of the line) should have given us a clue.

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Good Kill – Fab Friday Find Film

Good Kill really packs a serious punch! It is a very powerful, thought provoking, and slightly dark movie. It left me shaken, and a bit uncomfortable at the “progress” we have made in the war against terror. The movie is directed by Andrew Niccol, a highly capable guy who also directed Lord of War, another great movie. Good kill stars Ethan Hawke, and he does a great job in this fine film.

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Carmona – Fortress of the Gate of Seville

Carmona Spain

Carmona. Doesn’t it just look so pretty?

Carmona is beautiful town about 25 miles east of Seville. We decided to go for a little ride over the weekend to check out this picturesque little place with a population that numbers about 30,000. It used to be an important place during the Roman times. Carmona was called Carmo, during the reign of Julius Caesar. Carmona produces lots of olive oil, wine and cattle. It is built on a ridge and has views of the plains or Andalusia.  If you closed your eyes, you would totally believe you were transported to Greece with all its quaint white houses.

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Dear Frankie – Fab Friday Find Film

Dear Frankie poster

I have done it again! Another film that is great for both kids and adults. A parental love story that is so beautiful, it will bring tears to your eyes. Oh yeah…there is also Gerard Butler. Not the Butler of late, but the stud that l  discovered years ago in this sweet little movie. I fell in love instantly. l was very happy when he made it big later on in “300”. I still prefer him here though.

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