Falling In Love With Rome All Over Again


Ah, Rome, the eternal city that never fails to captivate us with its beauty and charm. We certainly found ourselves falling in love again on our recent visit because the magic was still very much alive. Falling in love with Rome all over again: All roads lead to Rome I guess. Our original plan had …

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Life In Valencia Is Still Fantastic


Yes, life in Valencia is still fantastic. Amazing in fact. I know I’ve been MIA for a long time. I just haven’t felt like blogging. Lately, I have just been posting on Facebook, Instagram, and some TikTok. Why have l been tired of blogging? I have no idea. Well, maybe a little. I think the …

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Alcazar Palace Of Seville Wows All The Way!

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  Alcazar Palace, Seville is stunning. Upon entering the palace, I was immediately struck by how much it reminded me of our visit to Marrakesh. The Moorish design is quite obvious. The color and design of the tiles are reminiscent of the ones we saw at the Bahia Palace and the Ben Youssef Madrasa School …

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Cinquantenaire Park, Brussels Is Charming

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Jun 20, 2023 @
Cinquantenaire Park Parc Brussels
Cinquantenaire Park, Brussels

Cinquantenaire Park Brussels:

This post wraps up our lovely visit to Belgium. We had fun in Bruges. We certainly liked Brussels a lot, and we loved Ghent.  One of the places in Brussels that is easily overlooked is the Parc du Cinquantenaire or Jubelpark.  It is a national landmark. The name translates to mean “Park of the fiftieth anniversary”. It was built to celebrate 50 years of Belgian independence during the reign of Leopold II.

The Cinquantenaire Park is located close to the European Quarter, where the E.U council and all the other important buildings are. We found the park one day as we were coming out of the Central train station. There is an arch that is impressive from afar (looked like Berlin’s Bradenburg gate). We thought we’d investigate.


cinquanetaire gate in brussels
Cinquatenaire gate in Brussels and the park itself, along with the museum should definitely be on any Brussels itinerary.

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