Kurhotel Skodsborg – Copenhagen close by Spa

Kurhotel Skodsborg is a spa hotel located just twenty two minutes by train from Copenhagen’s main train terminal. It’s only five stops on a very comfortable ride. A further ten minute walk brings you to the expansive grounds of the hotel. It  feels like you are in a different world. One side of the hotel offers never ending views of the ocean while the other is all forest, affording you numerous choices as to how to spend your time.

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Delightful Copenhagen Visit – What to do and see


Prior to visiting this pretty as a picture city, l would have never considered using the word delightful to describe Copenhagen. I was convinced l would feel about the city the same way l feel about Amsterdam, a place that certainly did not warm the cockles of my heart like it seems to do for everyone else. I therefore tried not to get my hopes up high. Wise move, as l finally get why people go gaga for Copenhagen. It is a unique and yes, delightful city.

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Foodies in Japan – What we ate

foodies in japan yakiniku
Lots and lots of Yakiniku restaurants. As foodies in Japan, be prepared to eat a lot of meat.

As foodies in Japan, you knew we had to bring you images of some of the food we ate while in Tokyo and Kyoto. This post will be image heavy 🙂 . The one thing  that disappointed me a bit about Japan was the lack of  sushi restaurants. Unless there is a specific area that we did not visit that was chock full of sushi places, we had a hard time finding places, and they were pricey when found. We did go by the famous Tsukiji fish market one afternoon. This is the place where they have the world famous tuna auctions at 5AM daily. I’m not that invested in fish, no matter how exciting it sounds 😉  to wake up that early, line up by 4.30AM hoping to be one of the only 120 people allowed in to watch the auction. I understand you can find really good sushi for breakfast close by. When we went, it was in the afternoon, and it wasn’t brimming with sushi places either.

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Sensoji Temple Asakusa via the scenic route

sensoji temple asakusa image of entrace with people
The Kaminarimon (Thunder gate) entrance of the Sensoji Temple Asakusa


Sensoji Temple Asakusa – One of the highlights of our recent trip to Japan was a visit to Tokyo’s oldest and probably the most famous of temples. The Sensoji is located in the north-eastern part of the city and was about a half hour train ride from where we were staying in Ikebukuro. We had been contemplating taking the bus so we could see the streets as opposed to taking the metro all the time. A little research confirmed that it was possible to get to Asakusa via a forty minute scenic ride on one of the tour boats, so that was exactly what we did.

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Podcast with Expats 4 – Allison in Japan

podcast with expats 4 allison in japan
Allison and her husband DJ

Podcast with Expats 4 – This episode is with Allison Jones. She is a budding entrepreneur who is currently finishing her Master’s  program in Marriage Counseling while still living overseas. Allison is currently in Japan with her basketball playing husband in the suburbs of Tokyo. They have been there for almost 6 months after spending the previous year in Italy, close to Milan where he played in the Italian league. Allison herself was featured in an infamous episode  on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16th” birthday series. Years later, thanks to re-runs, she is still being recognized from the show and her determination to empower young women arose from a letter she received from a teenage girl.

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