Borghese Gallery in Rome with LivItaly Tours. Do it!


Our next destination after  Stockholm was to Rome to visit Federico’s family. Thankfully it wasn’t a long flight so there was no jet lag. My true intention that getaway was to eat, sleep and eat again, with maybe a little family time thrown in. As fate would have it, a meeting with Rachel,  the social media manager for Livitaly Tours  made for a slight deviation from the plan. Finding out that we were scheduled to be in the eternal city, we finagled tickets to the Borghese gallery in exchange for a review. Boy, was l glad we went. It was the highlight of this trip. As photography and art lovers, we were in heaven. The masterpieces contained in this museum are magnificent. I am excited to share some of my favorites with you.

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Drottingholm Palace in Stockholm: It’s good to be the king


Drottingholm palace in Stockholm is the official private residence of the Swedish royal family. This stunning beauty is located on an island called Lovon. Prior to 1981, it was only used as the royal summer residence. We saw the other palace in Stockholm and that was already impressive. That is now being used for official government business. It is also a popular tourist destination. The Drottingholm palace surely offers more privacy. The fact that the grounds are massive and utterly gorgeous would be appealing to me. We decided to visit the palace on the last of ten days spent in Stockholm. I am so glad we did as it was worth every penny. We took one of the water cruises operated by Stromma from city hall. An hour of picture perfect views, cool breeze and some cold water, we were finally in Drottingholm. Here is our recap of the trip.

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Experience the Djuronaset Hotel in Stockholm

experience djuronaset hotel
The Boat House where we had lunch.

The Djuronaset hotel (pronounce without the D) is located in the Stockholm archipelago, on Djuro island. It is a mere forty five minute drive from the city, making for a lovely getaway from the hustle and bustle. We had a chance to spend a day and night at its lovely grounds along with several other attendees of the TBEX conference. Our experience couldn’t have been better, starting from the very comfortable bus that picked us up from the conference hotel.

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TBEX conference in Stockholm – a blogger’s perspective

stockholm-view-from-city-hallAs l mentioned on the prior blog post, our visit to Stockholm happened because the TBEX conference was being held in the city. We decided to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. It turned out to be a great thing. We enjoyed the conference very much. I consider it money well spent. Here is our takeaway from the TBEX  conference Europe with some information on what to expect, along with tips to prepare yourself for attending one.

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Stockholm Sweden Surprises you in every way


I think from now on, l will continue to keep my expectations low or non-existent with regards to new places that we visit. It has served me well with Copenhagen among other places.  I am pretty sure that expecting too much made me feel kind of blah about Amsterdam, a city everyone rages about. Here are a few ways Stockholm absolutely surprised and delighted us during our ten day trip.

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