Son of a Gun – Fab Friday Find Film

Son of a Gun movie

Son of a Gun movie poster

Son of a Gun:

I ask myself often why good and gritty movies always seem to slip in under the radar while the crappy ones get to make a boat load of money and are instantly forgotten? Son of a Gun is yet another movie that deserves a much bigger audience than it got at the box office.

Son of a Gun is a 2014 drama based on a real life Australian bank robber and his apprentice. Ewan McGregor stars as Brendan Lynch, the hardened criminal, Australia’s public enemy number one!.  Brenton Thwaites is JR, a 19 year old who is sent to prison for a petty crime. While in prison, he comes under the watchful eye of Brendan, thanks to their shared love for chess and who eventually takes him under his wing.

JR ultimately helps Brendan break out of prison once he himself is released, and they go on the run. It’s a whole new world to him, a world of crime, double cross and fear. He and Brendan have a weird co-dependency relationship that is ultimately tested by JR’s new girlfriend Tasha. Ewan McGregor seems to relish his role, he totally embodies evil wrapped up in a gorgeous package :-). You almost find yourself rooting for the bad guy, which l always take as a sign of a great performance. JR has to learn quickly to stay a few steps ahead of everyone if he has any hopes of surviving.

Son of a Gun

Planning the heist..

This film is quite good,  it keeps you entertained. It has a very well executed heist, a prison breakout, Russian mobsters, and double cross. I tend to like Ewan more when he does small movies like this as opposed to the mega blockbusters like Star Wars.


I totally recommend you checking out this movie if you can. You won’t be disappointed. The box office earning is practically non existent which is a shame. It deserves much better.

What do you think of Son of a Gun? Are you going to watch it? or is it just not your cup of tea?

MNAC – Behind the scenes at the Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya

MNAC - Museo Nacional d'art de Catalonia

The MNAC – definitely very impressive.

The MNAC is located close to the Plaza Espanya in the Catalan capital of Barcelona. The collection of the Museum’s art is inside of the Palau Nacional, a huge and very impressive Italian style villa that sits on the very top of Montjuc hill. This has been it’s home since 1934. It was designated as a national museum in 1990. That same year, the refurbishment of the museum started and the Oval hall was reopened in 1992 in time for the Olympic games.

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Lagbaja – Fab Friday Find Music



Lagbaja  is a Nigerian born musical artist. It is impossible to listen to his music and not want to shake your groove thing. I double dare you to try it! He has been on the music scene since the nineties. His brand of music has been described as Afrojazz,  Afrobeat and Afropop. Lagbaja himself describes it as Africano, owing to the prominent African drums and grooves of his music.

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Poblenou – Barcelona’s emerging hipster area & Podcast.

poblenou Barcelona elcant flea market

El Encant flea market @22 , Poblenou Barcelona


Barcelona is not just about Sagrada Familia, and the Ramblas. That’s all good of course, I have been there. There is however, another side of Barcelona that you should definitely swing by when you visit this little big city. I am talking about the up and coming town of Poblenou which means new village in Catalan. It is part of the Sant Marti district and bordered by the sea.

Barcelona beach Poblenou

A different Barcelona – beach in Poblenou

Here are some of the highlights from the accompanying podcast:

It used to be an industrial town, with a lot of manufacturing and textile companies setting up shop there. Workers from other parts of Spain came there to work and it was basically abandoned when the industry went away. Squatters took up residence in the old derelict buildings as always happens. It’s still a work in progress, but that’s what makes it so exciting.

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Fab Friday Find – Flashback Photo

fab friday find

Me- on my little bike!

Looking through my old photos on Facebook, l saw this old Polaroid from my flashback album. I was so happy, as it brought back some good memories for me.

This picture was taken on a Saturday l remember. I had been about to set off for a ride with my friends, when l got beeped :-( . I had to go to the pharmacy for an emergency prescription fill for one of the hospices we worked with. They were not allowed to keep huge amounts of pain killers on hand. When a patient was therefore at the end stage, l got called in to dispense the medications. This was taken with the Polaroid l kept at work to take pictures of our customers for our wall of fame.

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