Quit your job, sell your stuff and be a digital nomad? NO. Not Yet!

should l quit my job travel blogger

Florence, Italy Skyline

I wrote this post about 6 weeks ago, shortly after l had attended my first conference. It has been taken me this long to decide to publish it because l know it will ruffle some feathers. You know what though? C’est la vie! I have been blogging for about a year and a half now. In this time, l have seen numerous travel blogs start up, then flounder. It seems everywhere l look, there are bloggers and other digital nomads trying to sell the dream. “Ditch your boring lifestyle and 9-5 job, join the rest of your tribe in exotic far flung places like Thailand, Spain and South Africa”. Images of sun tanned bodies lying on beaches, cocktail at the ready confronts you at every turn, making you feel so incompetent and constantly questioning yourself. What are you doing wrong? After all, these are people your age who have figured things out. It all sounds so lovely. Yes! you say to yourself, l can do it too. I am giving my two week notice. Hello World, here l come!!!!

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The Pillars of the Earth – Fab Friday Find Book

The Pillars of the Earth Fab Friday find

Apparently, l am the last person on earth to have heard of this novel! It is an epic! and written by the very famous Ken Follett. I had heard of him of course, but had never read any of his thrillers. I tend to be a stick in the mud, and will re-read my favorite novels rather than take a risk with unfamiliar authors. The Pillars of the Earth was originally published in 1989, and clocks in at over 900 pages. Am l glad l read it? Heck yeah, and l will tell you why you should read it as well if you haven’t done so already. It has it all!!!

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MACBA, Barcelona – Visit and Podcast

Museum of Contemporary Art - Wikipedia image

The Museum in Barcelona. Wikipedia Image.

On the last day of our trip to Barcelona, we had a chance to visit the Museu D’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, commonly referred to as MACBA. We got to see the most current exhibition of some famous works. I will be the first to admit that l am not a big fan of contemporary art. My taste runs more towards the Impressionists. I love art that is visible, in the sense that l can look, and immediately recognize what the painting is. I don’t really care about trying to guess at what the artist is trying to convey or find a hidden meaning to it. None the less, l was curious to see if l would change my mind upon seeing some of the works.

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While We’re Young – Fab Friday Find Film


This movie popped into my head recently, thanks to last Friday’s fab find. It tackles flashback in a different way. The end result is the same as it makes you step back and take a look at the foolishness of youth, not to mention the know it all attitude that comes with it. We saw this film about a month ago, and l remember watching it and laughing out loud at some of the absurd things that middle age crisis can make you do. It is a cute movie that l believe deserves an audience, hence the find.

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Dining Withlocals in Seville, Spain – Our great experience!

Lovely setting for our dinner.

Lovely setting for our Withlocals dinner.

In an effort to find you the most awesome things to do in Seville, or for that matter, Asia and other corners of the world, we have boldly sacrificed our taste buds, just so we can bring you this review :-). I am delighted to say that this was a complete success. A very unique foodie experience that l would not hesitate to repeat. We had fun, and interacted with a  wonderful local hostess. A runaway success!

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