Home Exchange, our first ever in Budapest 7

***I don’t have any affiliation with homeexchange.com ***   This home exchange post,  l have been meaning to write for 3 months or so, but with moving from Malta to Spain, it somehow got pushed into the background. Our home exchange came about via an old article l read. It was about a woman who […]

One of our favorite places to eat..both inside and outside..

toreador female running from bull

Matador versus Bull, the Corrida 10

  Matador – 1, Bull – 0. As part of the Malaga Feria, there were free events throughout the city. One of the these was a chance to see a Corrida, traditional bullfighting of Andalucia. This was offered over 4 evenings. We went on the last night. I have been to bullfights before, in Mexico […]

Feria Malaga Festival, 2014 11

The Malaga Feria celebrates the takeover of the city by the Catholic Monarchs. It has been around in one form or the other since 1491. Over the years, the feria has evolved into a 9 day/10 night affair that still goes on, and seems to get bigger yearly. Millions of people attend the feria. One […]

CGS_2860 copy

Shrimp risotto. I know it seems we eat a lot of  rice, and we do..but  l don't enjoy pictures of salads :-)

Food in Malaga 14

  Our week has been filled with doing pretty boring stuff like checking out the neighborhood, getting his National ID number and opening a bank account, which is not as easy as it sounds, especially with a language barrier problem. We are also looking forward to getting set up with internet and cable. That has […]

Marseille Post at Travel Blue Book 2

Today, I am guest posting at travel blue book about our very enjoyable trip to Marseille. Please drop by this wonderful site run by Greg for great tips that will inspire you to get out there and either travel the world, or explore your very own backyard, which as we all know, we tend to ignore. […]