Marseille Post at Travel Blue Book 2

Today, I am guest posting at travel blue book about our very enjoyable trip to Marseille. Please drop by this wonderful site run by Greg for great tips that will inspire you to get out there and either travel the world, or explore your very own backyard, which as we all know, we tend to ignore. […]

Couldn't resist! 95 cents for 1 liter!!!!

Adjusting to our new life and flat in Malaga 10

    We are finally feeling a bit more settled in our new home. As l wrote previously, we were very stressed from our failure to find a nice rental. Luckily, at the last minute, before giving up and driving to Seville to try our luck there (nice part of having no plans and flying […]

Things are looking up in Malaga 6

  What a difference a week makes! Things have definitely improved. The biggest hurdle was finding a place to live. I am happy to say that we found one at last!!! We had prepared to rent a car, drive down to Seville, stay with a friend and just look for an apartment there. The day […]

Yummy seafood soup

Stress in Malaga! 14

    I feel stress and have the blues of the sea in the picture above. I was hoping this post would be all bubbly and exciting as l inform you that we moved to Spain, Malaga to be exact. Instead, l am feeling stressed and underwhelmed. It has nothing to do with this beautiful […]

Food: some of ours in Budapest 6

Food, This is going to be a short and sweet post. We are still in the middle of our packing. We leave the flat on Wednesday. It is absolutely amazing to me that despite the fact that we bought very few things during the year , we still have so much crap, it’s like […]

Best steak ever, Hungarian style. The parsley salad was fantastic. We went back twice more, and had it again and again!