Istanbul Is A Turkish Delight Worth Visiting

Hagia Sofia Istanbul
 Jul 22, 2019 @
Istanbul turkish delight The Hagia Sophia
The Hagia Sophia. It was originally a Christian Basilica, then a Mosque, but is now a museum.


Istanbul Visit Was Delightful:

Our first visit to Istanbul was a runaway success! We spent a bit over a week exploring just part of this humongous and absolutely fascinating city. We only got to experience just a bit, which was nice as it keeps you wanting to come back for more. The people were extremely friendly and helpful. I had previously been to Istanbul, but it was only a 24 hour layover. You will agree with us that Istanbul is a turkish delight and not just because of the candy.

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l wanted to experience the city with my husband so l did not go sight seeing. As luck would have it, shortly after, Turkish Airlines had a €99 round trip fare that we took advantage of. Yeah :-). It’s always a good idea to search for deals. I like to use Skyscanner (putting everywhere as the destination, so that you get loads of deal fares). Hopefully, you will agree with me that Istanbul is a Turkish delight for sure. It’s full of yummy goodness.

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Why Ghent Is A Must Visit in Belgium

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I really, really liked Bruges, but Ghent?! I am totally, completely in love with the city. In all honesty, it seems most people either love one or the other. The difference is like saying you prefer 5 fluffy pancakes topped with 20 cut up strawberries, slathered in pancake syrup over 3 fluffy pancakes with 10 strawberries and …

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Plaza de Espana in Seville, Spain

SIV 4849 copy e1571061170637

Last Updated: Plaza de Espana Seville (Spanish Square): Wow! is an appropriate way to describe plaza de Espana Seville. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful attractions in this Andalusian capital. The history is fascinating ad it is famous for appearances in film. [the_ad id=”13767″] Malaga to Seville by train: Seville is only a …

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My Malta Neighbourhood Msida

IST 8510 copy e1563798751214

Last Updated: July 20, 2019 Images from my Malta neighbourhood of Msida: Malta has some lovely sandy beaches in the North and the South, but in the city, there are rocky beaches like the one above. It is very convenient for the city dwellers. There are so many about, and in the summer time, you …

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