Madrid: Loving it like a Madrileno – Part 2

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Hopefully, you’ve read part one of our recent trip. If you have not, you can find it here,  Madrid . Here are a 3 more ways to feel like a native: LOVE FOOTBALL WITH PASSION!   [the_ad id=”13767″] Football, as in soccer that is. No hand touching here, unless you want to get called for …

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Budapest, Part 2..Images and costs

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Here is the breakdown of our visit to wonderful Budapest. I loved the fact that prices were reasonable enough. There is nothing better than a great vacation that is not too costly :-). I am breaking down our costs here so you can use it as a gauge if you find yourself on a trip …

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50 Before 50 Bucket List – My Progress So Far

Last Updated: August 18, 2019 This is my 50 before 50 bucket list. This post was originally written just over five years ago. It’s not one of those l can’t die without doing this list. It’s more like things l would like to do. It all started during my high school years in Boston. I …

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The Nigeria Wedding Day Images

Bride walking away showing the back of wedding gown

  The Nigeria wedding day images are here! This marks the end of the wedding celebration. After months, and sometimes years of preparation, the wedding finally takes place, much to the relief of everyone. The stress is insane, but l doubt that anyone regrets all the hard work and expense. [the_ad id=”13767″] Nigeria Wedding Day …

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