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why we are staying in seville giralda view

Not a hard decision to make :-)

It’s astounding how quickly time has flown by. A few days from now will mark our one year anniversary living in Seville. To me, it seems like we have only been here for a few weeks. Our lease is coming up for renewal and we had to decide whether to hang around for another year or search for our next destination. After going back and forth on the matter, we have finally made a decision. Here are some reasons why we are staying in Seville, our adopted and much-loved city.


Regular readers will know that we have since moved to Valencia after our second year in Seville. We absolutely loved Seville and it would have been great to keep living there, but ultimately, the heat in the summer did us in. Our first summer was great, but the second one was scorching. We decided to find a place close to the water, which brought us to our new home of Valencia.

We love it here so much that we decided to buy a flat and settle long term here. You can find the home buying and renovating process on these posts. Seville is perfect for people who really enjoy the heat, or for those who can afford to go away in the summer like the locals do.

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why we are staying in seville brick building

We pass by this place often, and we still don’t know what the heck it is :-)

Why we are staying in Seville:

Seville is Awesome:

How can you not love Seville? The city is so chock full of history. It is the capital of Andalusia. It has a rich cultural heritage, dating back to Moorish rule and the Almohad dynasty. All one has to do is look at places like the Alcazar and the awe-inspiring Sevilla Cathedral and the Giralda. Seville is also home to Flamenco.

We have barely scratched the surface of the city. We still have to attend a proper flamenco show for instance (street performers aside :-) ), not to mention the various museums that are plentiful. It would suck to leave before we have fully discovered neighborhoods like Triana, Macarena, and Barrio Santa Cruz (love this area) with the tiny, narrow streets.

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flamenco dress on runway model

More flamenco is in our future. A model in Spanish flamenco dress.

Day trips from Seville:

There are lots of wonderful cities that are close by to Seville still to be explored. So far, we have only been to Santiponce and Carmona.  Other places we would like to visit include Cordoba, Granada, Jerez, Cadiz. The list goes on and on.

All these places are beautiful and unique and will add to our Spanish experience. We want to stop taking them for granted :-) . We have traveled to so many countries outside of Spain in our one year here, and have been neglecting our own backyard so to speak. We want to rectify that ;-) .

view of Carmona from the fortified wall

Carmona view from the fortress.

The bigger backyard:

In addition to the above day trips, we would also like to visit other Spanish cities like Valencia, Bilbao, Barcelona (again! :-) ), Madrid (again!), Palma de Mallorca and etc..etc. Thanks to a pretty good train system (Renfe), it is possible to do these trips as an alternative to flying. We didn’t want to leave, then have to fly back down to visit if that makes sense. Spain is such a huge country, l am beginning to doubt if one more year will be enough :-) .

park de la ciutadela stature barcelona

Hello again Barcelona!

 Visit Portugal: The biggest backyard:

I am referring to Portugal specifically. At one point, we had considered making that our next country to settle in for a bit and had planned on an exploration trip. Seville is about a two-hour drive from Faro, in the Algarve region of Portugal. Our plan was to drive down and do an epic road trip down the coast and up to Lisbon to get a feel. It was supposed to happen this past summer, but then we ended up having guests and it got pushed back. We hope to finally do it this year.

Wikipedia image of the Algarve region of Portugal.

Wikipedia image of the Algarve region of Portugal.

We like Seville:

This l think was the most important reason why we have decided to stay one more year. We have settled into a comfortable routine. Our suburb is about fifteen miles from the center of Seville. There are some days admittedly that l wish it was closer to the city center or more convenient to the Metro.

As it is, we have to drive about 10 minutes to the Metro stop where the city provides free parking, then we take the one and only metro line available in Seville to the center. The trains run every 6 minutes like clockwork. The center is structured to discourage driving and so many of the metro stops have parking lots to leave your car, which works out great.

Sometimes, l think it would be exciting to live right in the middle of the action, but that is usually a fleeting feeling as l only have to think of the noise pollution (constant tourists.. haha! ironic ;-) ), the tightness, small apartments, the not so pleasant smell of dog pee, and poop! You still see it here, but definitely not as much.

People just do not pick up after their dogs! Urgh!!! We are basically home bodies too. Federico loves to cook. I have mentioned before how his cooking is way better than most restaurants (lucky me!). We don’t feel the need to go out constantly, thereby saving money accidentally ;-) . Money that we in turn put towards our travel expenses.

We like our rental house in Seville:

front of the typical spanish house.

Just your average house in your average neighborhood.

We have neighborhood places to eat at, close by supermarkets too. We walk in the mornings and say hello to the neighbors we see. I obviously stand out as the only black person in town, but l have never encountered any problems. They just assume l speak Spanish till l start speaking gibberish and motioning..haha.. I’ll get there someday!

I practice at the grocery store and restaurants but it is slow progress. I listen to the sermon in church and then have Federico fill in the blanks for me afterwards. In the end, we are renewing our lease instead of moving like l had wanted. There were little things that annoyed me about this house, and my answer was to move. Federico, usually a hot head, actually has the ability to see things clearly. He asked what they were.  I see now that they were really little things.

  • No shower curtain. I’ve hated that from day one, we even bought one of those suction rod things that fell off after a few days.
  • The gas heater ignition wasn’t working right. We had to turn on the canister manually, wait 30 seconds then ignite. You had to also remember to turn it off as it leaked a little gas and smelled.
  • The mosquito nets were not fixed to the windows. They just rested on the frames with gaps. True, flies don’t get in, but those freaking wall geckos did. I am terrified of nasty little things and have woken him from deep sleep at like 3AM to kill them, not to mention what l have broken trying to run away from them :-)
The yard. Plenty of space for all.

The yard. Plenty of space for all.

He called the landlord, explained that we would like to renew, but these were what l didn’t like. Fast forward 2 days later, we have a new heater, and a shower curtain installed. The guy ordered new nets and will fix them properly to the windows, definitely before the weather warms up and the salamanders return. A fix of roughly $250 at the most. We even offered to split the cost and he declined.

Moving out would have cost us 1 month fee to the agent (here, the renter pays), plus 2 months deposit and moving costs. Easily $2500 minimum out the window right off the bat. We like the landlord, and really like the house. It costs us $665 per month currently. It has a pool for those hot summer days, plenty of space for the dogs. Added bonus of a well :-), which brings our water bill down to roughly $25 per month. We love spending time in it. I think the fact that we are homeowners who have renters (sometimes big PITA) prevented me from bringing these minor fixes up.

The landlord is thrilled that we will be staying since we are awesome ;-) and was happy to fix the things. Free standing chalets around here like this one rent for between $820-$1700 monthly, without pools too for the most part. We lucked out!. It didn’t make sense to pay more money to be in the same area. It is not a sexy neighborhood, just a typical pueblo with a mix of locals, both poor working class (in flats) and rich people with  humongous houses behind walled gates).

If we were moving, it would be to someplace new entirely. Glad l listened to him. In the past, l have listed our cost of living here in a previous post. It is quite affordable for us, so there is no rush to give it up. Our cable bill is now half as we no longer have the soccer package (they stopped showing his Italian League broadcasting).

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plaza de espana seville image

The Plaza de Espana, a fine example of newer Mudejar architecture.

These are just some of the reasons why we are staying in Seville for one more year. We will re-evaluate this decision in a year and make a decision as to where our next destination will be. We like to call ourselves sssllloooww travelers :-). In the meantime, we will keep taking our other little trips. We are not backpackers with a constant need to move. We like having a base from which to explore. With ten suitcases and two dogs, we are not gallivanting all over the place :-) . In the end, our decision to stay wasn’t that hard.

view from seville giralda tower

We live down there somewhere to the right of the river.

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How about you? Have you ever had to make a decision like this? Did your wanderlust win out or did you do the sensible thing? Feel free to share.