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we love flamenco 2016

Beautiful Flamenco outfit, love the back. The design ties it all together. This one is one of my favorites.

We love flamenco is to Seville what the New York Fashion week is to..well..pretty much everyone in the fashion industry. Flamenco has been a part of Andalusia since the late 18th century. A mixture of Spanish folklore, Indian and African sounds.

Flamenco was popularized by the Roma people of Andalusia. It is still going strong today. Here are some images from the “We love flamenco” occasion. A yearly, runway event held in Seville, not only to showcase amazingly talented designers, but to also help raise money for charity.

 Flamenco Seville:

Hotel Alfonso. Image source.

Hotel Alfonso. Image source. The setting for the flamenco runway show.

group flamenco women on runway

Such amazing and detailed flamenco dress outfits on these lovely models..

We love Flamenco show in Seville:

This year, the affair was held at the historic Hotel Alfonso XIII, a five-star luxury hotel located in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, just a stone’s throw away from the Real Alcazar Palace. Thanks to the event production coordinator, Miss Maria Ruiz, who was able to secure a press pass as very few bloggers were allowed to attend.

Federico is a professional photographer, and he was obviously really happy to attend as his favourite type of photography is fashion, what he had worked at for years in L.A and Melbourne. Needless to say, the event was sold out. The monied people of Seville were out in full force to get a glimpse of the outfits that will surely come off the runway, and be worn by the ladies come the Seville Feria in April.

It is not unusual for the outfit selection to take months, and cost thousands of euros. I, in particular,  have a strong affinity for flamenco outfits as well as the music. They remind me so much of home. You can see the similarities of course, the bold colours and the “let your imagination run wild” designs.

This is what l picture when l hear flamenco!

This is what l picture when l hear flamenco! Red flamenco outfit with a big shawl, and of course the flowers in the hair.


we love flamenco 2016

Love this for the people who don’t want the full on maxi dress. I also like how it combines a hat for a sort of westernised look. This looks wearable for any occasion.

Over six days which started on the 12th of January, in half hour bursts, collections are featured on the runaway to a full house. The shows Federico documented were on Saturday at 5.30 and 6PM. These are just a taste of the various, magnificent outfits. It would be impossible to show all of them of course, but l hope you can get a sense of how grand this whole affair is.

The Oscars could not have outdone it presentation wise. I can’t wait now for the feria of the year as l would like to see if l can recognize some of these outfits on people. Fun fact- the ladies don’t carry handbags. “wallets” are actually sewn into the bottom of the dresses to keep cell phones, make up etc. You gotta love that, stylish and practical :-). It was a big surprise the first time l saw a lady reach for her cell and wallet from the pouch. Innovative!

Flamenco Show Sevilla:

we love flamenco 2016

I think this lovely one with muted colours is my favourite flamenco outfit. I could wear it for a formal occasion, and look stylish as heck.

Love the way the back tells a story as well.

Love the way the back tells a story as well.


Bluish colors of flamenco outfit on runway model

I love the colors of this flamenco dress, and the sleeves are awesome, very dramatic


flamenco runway model black pants and red top

This would be a fun outfit for a younger person, love the back too. I don’t know if l would necessarily classify this as a flamenco outfit though, but it might be a nice way to get younger people initiated into flamenco dressing.


we love flamenco nextbiteoflife

Flamenco outfit male. You can feel the passion! One of the reasons to love flamenco, plus he is definitely easy on the eyes :-). This Spanish flamenco dancer really put on quite a show and had people clapping. He was the only male in the whole show.

In case you’re curious about male flamenco dancers on the runway, here you go! :-)

The models owned the runway.  After the first collection, a male flamenco dancer entertained the audience with a foot stomping, crowd pleasing performance. Then it was on to the next collection. Finally, the designers came out to receive well deserved recognition in the form of wild applause and standing ovations.

The models were all gorgeous and professional. It must have been pressure cooker hot under all the lights and the speed with which they changed outfits was mind-boggling according to Federico. I guess grace under pressure would be one of the requirements of being a runway model. Not me then ;-).

One thing l found amazing is that these models are so thin and waif like looking, then they turn around and BAM! bodacious bums!!! How is that possible? Makes me wonder if there is padding built-in to those outfits! What say ye?:-). No matter, as the end result, pardon the pun is quite pleasing.

flamenco dress

Spanish flamenco dress. Just beautiful, and the red flowers in the hair brings a splash of brightness to a muted overall tone.


red dress on runway model flamenco show seville

Flamenco dance dress! Not all outfits were long, this one maybe for the many parties that come up during feria week?. Another outfit that l believe is geared for the younger set.


red shorter length flamenco dress on runway model

I love this red flamenco dress. It’s reminds me of Lucille Ball for some reason. The outfit looks very 50’s housewife.


redddish flamenco dress with shawl on we love flamenco model

This is also another dramatic flamenco costume that l love, especially the long billowing sleeves. She wore it with such confidence.


flamenco runway model in mid length brown spotted dress off shoulder

This girl killed it! Her expression, her pose..everything! Gorgeous! :-) ;-) :-). I absolutely love this dress and hat. This is an everyday outfit with extra zing.


One of the designers of the flamenco gowns being led on stage at flamenco show end...

One of the designers being led out on stage at the conclusion of the flamenco runway show.


we love flamenco show seville designer getting hugs

And the other designer getting hugs from the models after the Sevilla flamenco show.

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Flamenco Sevilla: Wrap up

Amazing show and collection. You can see the work that went into the outfits, and why it takes a long time to tamke each one and definitely why flamenco dresses cost as much as they do. I had initially been shocked at someone spending thousands on a custom outfit like this, but as l found out later, they are passed down from generation to generation and are treasured. So yeah, I can justify the cost.

Have you ever been to a feria? What do you think of this flamenco collection? Which one of these outfits is your favourite? Would you wear any and totally flaunt it like l would :-).