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warm greetings from rainy but wonderful rome vatican

Quick hello from gray, rainy Rome! Fall is here in the eternal city. We’ve been lucky though as it seems to rain in the late evenings and through the night. I don’t mind it though. It’s still not too cold, and unlike 2 months ago when we were here, it’s not stinking hot. I can still get away with a shirt and light jeans jacket.

She went from this happy..

Poor kid went from this happy..

My MIL was especially happy to see me. As soon as we got settled, she explained that l had “work” to do with a smile. Three weeks ago, she tried to use her laptop and got a weird message which alarmed her. The only word she remembered was virus and so hadn’t touched the computer since. She wanted me to straighten out whatever was wrong. I had to uninstall a few applications and got it working.

warm greetings from rainy but wonderful rome steak plate

Federico’s plate. Tagliata di controflletto with arugula, shaved parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar. Yummy!

The woman is sixty something and has like 5 phones!!!! Totally cracks me up as I more often than not, have no phone (hate it with a passion. My family knows only to email me because chances are the phone message isn’t seen for weeks even!) She brings them all out, then brings out a new iPhone and long story short, she wants me to combine everything into the one phone. To complicate matters, she has forgotten the email addresses and passwords for her various emails, so when they go to verify, she can’t remember what telephone number is connected to what and gets locked out :-). She doesn’t give it to Federico of course because she knows he has zero patience, so l get the job. Of course, everything is in Italian and so l have to guess at some and ask Fede for translation which ends up being a lot of shouting back and forth. I also had to transfer the thousands of pictures she had on an old iPhone 3 (still locked) to the computer. I didn’t mind though, l found the whole thing funny.

Lots of meat..

Lots of meat.. A Roman Feast!

My mother-in-law’s birthday was yesterday so we got to celebrate with her. We ended up going to dinner at a very child friendly restaurant called Mucca Pazza (Crazy Cow). It was one of those nights when Federico and l had to just resign ourselves to being surrounded by children. My sister-in-law has 2 kids, aged 6 and 2 and there were at least 100 more kids in there. It was chaos, even on a Wednesday night. One of those places where they write the table number on the kids wrists so they know where to return them to :-). The food was incredible, especially Federico’s. I ended up eating half of it as l liked it so much better than my Ribeye steak. I should have definitely had that in hindsight.

warm greetings from rainy but wonderful rome steak

My steak. It was pretty good.

Awesome way to discover Rome is with a Big Bus experience.

big bus rome


Awesome tiramisu..but no do-overs.

Awesome tiramisu in Rome ..but no do-overs.

We brought in a tiramisu cake from some famous bakery in the city. It was half pistachio and half banana-chocolate. Amazing, but l still prefer Federico’s homemade traditional one. Well, the place being so busy, they just bring out the cake whenever they have time with no warning. Unfortunately for the 6 year old, she was playing at the kid’s play area and missed the whole presentation and cake cutting and we were halfway done with eating the cake when she came back. She had a full on meltdown. I never knew anyone could cry so hard for so long. Hid under the table, bawled and my MIL coddled her instead of beating her..She wanted a do-over. Refused to have a piece and just kept on crying loudly. I helped by sharing her portion with Federico :-). The whole debacle reminded me of one of the reasons why l chose not to have kids :-) . Shout out to mothers everywhere. You guys are strong and freaking rocks, and l truly admire you :-).
We’re here for a few more days before the next destination.. Care you guess where? Clue: It’s the beginning of summer there.

So many tears! :-(

How’s the weather over your way? Has Fall hit hard yet? or is Summer still hanging around?