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Good to know in any language!

As many of you know, we left the beautiful island of Malta for the equally beautiful Malaga city of Spain about 5 months ago. What you also know, is that my command of  Spanish is practically non-existent :-(. I had friends in L.A where l lived for so many years who were Hispanic, and l did learn some things here and there, but they were mostly for work. Here, l doubt if anyone really wants to know to take their pills three times daily or unwrap their suppository before insertion :-). I have been struggling with learning Spanish since we arrived. I had previously being using another online language app, which started out easy, but got hard really, really fast, and l gave up.

Power of recollection

Power of recollection


Enter uTalk, a language learning app. I found out about them on my twitter feed. One of the people l was following had tweeted about it, and it sounded user-friendly. It piqued my interest,  l saw they were giving away an unlock code for the uTalk app. I sent them a nice Blogger request email detailing my desire to learn Spanish, and lo and behold, l got a nice email from Liz. She sorted things out for me, and l got the uTalk code for my ipad the day after my request.

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That will be me from now on..all Spanish, all the time :-)

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Let me just say, l love, and l am loving this app very, very much. Here are my reasons why:

– uTalk is very easy to use, l downloaded it from the apple store, put in the code given, and bam, l was in like Flint.

– I was immediately enticed by the luscious, professional quality images of utalk. Seriously, it elevated them in my eyes.

– It is set  up in a way that you find yourself eager to learn. You practice words first. Next, there are a series of  interactive games, some easy, and some hard. You listen and repeat, thereby reinforcing what you learned. There is also a memory and recall game. All this is done at your own pace of course.

– This is probably my favorite point. It teaches you phrases that you will actually use and need :-). For example, we go to the grocery store daily, and now thanks to uTalk, l can ask for the cereza (cherry) or the aguacate, all by my lonesome…no hubby needed. It may sound like a small thing, but it’s epic for me, as l was pretty much dependent on him to make myself known, along with mime, etc. The other lessons include “vacation”, “travel”, “food and drink” “transportation”. These are all extremely useful.

Phrases you will actually use..

Phrases you will actually use..

My knowledge of Spanish has shot up immensely, and it has boosted my confidence. I am certainly not saying that you will become fluent in the chosen language, but you will definitely be able to have a conversation, and it teaches you one of the most important phrases: “hablas mas despacios, por favor” (speak slowly :-)) I am extremely impressed, and as soon as l am done with Spanish, l intend to add Italian to my language skills, so l can finally communicate with my MIL! uTalk has graciously agreed to give away 3 unlock codes to the first 3 readers who asks yours truly. The regular cost is $9.99 per language, and l think it is definitely worth it. There are about 30 lessons per language and they have a ton of languages too, including Albanian, Japanese, and Thai.

uTalk is only available on iOS devices for now (sorry..l should have asked them before)

*This review is entirely in my own words. I did receive a free unlock code from utalk, but if you are a regular reader, you know l write about what l like, and of course, what l do not like.

**All codes claimed. Thank you**