Glasgow Visitor Guide. See, Eat And Where To Stay

kelvingrove park view of uni

This Glasgow visitor guide will help you understand how our visit exceeded my expectations. I knew it was beautiful. I knew it had loads of castles. I knew Sean Connery was from Scotland and that lots of movies have been filmed there, not to mention television productions like the popular Game of Thrones. I however, …

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Happy Experience Aboard The Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh Scotland

britannia side view
Aug 5, 2019 @
side view of the Royal yacht Britannia
What to do in Edinburgh? Visit the royal yacht.

Royal Yacht Britannia is the now decommissioned yacht of Queen Elizabeth II. It is permanently moored at the Ocean Terminal, Leith in Edinburgh. We got a chance to walk in the royal footsteps aboard the HMY Britannia on our recent visit to Scotland and it was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. The chance to explore this 126 meter royal home on the sea was too exciting to pass up and we were not disappointed by the glimpse into the royal life.

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Postcard From The Land Of Haggis. Scotland

postcard from the land of haggis scotland

I realized later on that l had booked this trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow much too soon after our Poland trip. Seemed like there was no time between unpacking and packing again, and off we went. I do believe something was lost in translation as the weather in Scotland was supposed to me “muggy”. Of …

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