Palace of Knossos Crete Visit ( Ancient Minoan Palace)

knossos palace crete

The Minoan Palace of Knossos is located roughly 5 kilometers away from Heraklion. We got a chance to visit what is known as the largest Bronze Age architectural site when we visited Crete. Knossos Palace complex (Cnossos Palace) began in the Neolithic period and survived until around 1380 BC.   At its most populated, it …

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Good, Bad And Ugly Sides of Athens Greece Guide

monastiraki square athens greece
Apr 17, 2021 @
Good, bad and ugly sides of Athens guide. Pic of Monastiraki Square
Monastiraki square – another very central area of Athens.

Athens is an absolutely marvelous place, no doubt about it. We thoroughly enjoyed our recent visit and definitely plan on going back at some point in the future. Nonetheless, it is not a perfect place. No place in the world is. I have alluded to the three sides on our postcard post, but l will delve into it a little more.

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As tourists, we often gloss over the great parts of a place and rarely see the true local side of said place. It’s understandable, after all, you’re on vacation and world problems should not be on your mind. Regular readers know l try to present what l see in all its glory, and crappiness, This will be no exception. I present to you our observations on the good, bad and ugly sides of Athens.

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cold cut tray in athens greece
Aug 31, 2019 @

syntagma square athens greece

Foodies like us will absolutely love Athens. Greece not only has incredible history, it also has amazing food. Our love for the city of Athens was further enhanced by our epic Athens food tour with and its knowledgeable guide Elena who walked us through the lively streets of Athens as we sampled mouth-watering sweet and savory offerings over a 4 hour period.

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We had been warned to “come hungry” and we certainly did. We highly recommend this tour for anyone who wants to experience authentic Greek food in Athens. As such, we think you should include this as part of your Athens itinerary. Here is a recap of the highlight of our Athens visit.

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Greece Postcard- Hello From Athens

acropolis athens view

Yassas (Hello) with a Greece post card to everyone from the jam-packed city of Athens!. I have to admit an affinity for this beautiful city. It reminds me of Nigeria with the energy, the never ending hustle that is evident and the exotic music that blares from radios in public spaces. Athens looks and feels …

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