We Love Flamenco In Seville – A Bird’s Eye View

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Sep 22, 2019 @ Written: Jan 18, 2016

we love flamenco 2016
Beautiful Flamenco outfit, love the back. The design ties it all together. This one is one of my favorites.

We love flamenco is to Seville what the New York Fashion week is to..well..pretty much everyone in the fashion industry. Flamenco has been a part of Andalusia since the late 18th century. A mixture of Spanish folklore, Indian and African sounds.

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Flamenco was popularized by the Roma people of Andalusia. It is still going strong today. Here are some images from the “We love flamenco” occasion. A yearly, runway event held in Seville, not only to showcase amazingly talented designers, but to also help raise money for charity.


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Fashion Museum in Malaga, Spain

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Last Updated: [the_ad id=”13767″] Fashion Museum Malaga:   RESERVE YOUR HOTEL IN MALAGA HERE  Malaga Fashion Museum: (Things to do in Malaga) A while back, Federico and l had visited the Auto museum here in the city of Malaga, which l wrote about here. It is actually a car and fashion museum. The owner, that …

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