things are looking up in malaga paella

Seafood Paella, not in Malaga but in Madrid

What a difference a week makes! Things have definitely improved. The biggest hurdle was finding a place to live. I am happy to say that we found one at last!!! We had prepared to rent a car, drive down to Seville, stay with a friend and just look for an apartment there. The day before we were going to do just that, we met a very nice realtor who happened to be Italian :o) . My husband made him understand our dire situation. He showed us a couple of places that were okay, but not good enough, and at the last minute, he got a new listing that was perfect for us.

We had to compromise on the location. It is not quite in the center, but only a 10 minute bus ride from it. It has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath and a little outside space for the dogs. It is owned by this young couple who bought it after their wedding and it has been their home for about 4 years. The husband is a carpenter and he custom made everything in the flat. Every piece of furniture was handmade, the closets are to die for.

Everything is immaculate. I couldn´t be happier. They are moving back to Cadiz where they are from originally as she is expecting their first child in October and want to be close to their families, so they can help with the baby.

The best part is that the cost is 500 Euros, 150 less than we were paying in Malta, and it includes water! Of course, it has no view, just of the street, but It is so beautiful and still in a lively neighborhood. I think my Spanish is going to improve quickly as it is where the locals live. I can´t wait to discover the tapas bars around there either.

We are currently in a temporary apartment, for which we paid an obscene amount of money just for the week! It has no internet access, and unfortunately, thanks to the Feria, a lot of places are shut down, so it´s hard to get online. Insane how crowded this place gets for the Feria. We are finally feeling a little more relieved, so we can actually enjoy the festivities more. There is still a couple of days left, and hopefully, we will get to take some pictures to share.

Any Feria or festival going on where you live? Are you enjoying summer?