the wedding day images bride looking up

I think this is my favourite shot. She looks so happy.

The Nigeria wedding day images are here! This marks the end of the wedding celebration. After months, and sometimes years of preparation, the wedding finally takes place, much to the relief of everyone. The stress is insane, but l doubt that anyone regrets all the hard work and expense.

Nigeria Wedding Day Images:

brdie in white gown posing on stairs in Nigerian wedding

Nigeria Wedding Traditions:

You will notice the difference in outfits. The bride’s side wears separate colours from the groom’s side. In this case, we have yellow and blue on her side and blue on blue on his side. It is not unusual for the wedding and reception to last over 12 hours. A lot of the women start out in high heels and bring an extra pair of comfy slippers in the same colours to slip into after the service. Considering how much dancing is done, this is a very smart thing to do.

Bride walking away showing the back of wedding gown

I love the back of this gown, the front too :-). She chose well.


Nigerian beliefs on marriage:

Divorce is very rare, so a lot of fact finding about the future in-laws is done prior to the wedding. Till death do you part is not a joke! Research is of course a great thing to do, like it or not. Parents will do it much to the displeasure of the bride and groom, but so be it. I always laugh because parents say things like “you want to know if there is madness in their family” :-). While divorces do happen, it is not prevalent, more than likely, a separation will occur which basically means someone moves out of the house and they go their separate ways.

Nigerians also¬† prefer cash to gifts per say as a wedding gift. The major reason is because there are no bridal registries to be found in the country because of the lack of department stores. This way, the newlyweds can actually purchase something that they truly want and need, as opposed to getting ten toasters :-). Update:¬†Bridal registries are now becoming a thing in Nigeria from what l hear, but l’m not sure if it will ever become as popular as cash gifts.

bride and father in car on way to church

The bride on her way to church with her dad.


Nigerian wedding: bride and dad walking red carpet to church

Daddy walking his little girl down the red carpet towards the church.


signing the registry on a traditional Nigeria wedding day

Signing of the registry by the bride and groom during the service.


pic of bride and groom holding hands

Hand holding during the service prayers.


bride and groom smiling and holding hands at a Nigeria wedding in English attire

Flashing a smile during the reception.


Family posing at Nigerian wedding

Hard to squeeze the immediate family in one picture. It’s a family affair, a wedding in Nigeria. You can see stragglers in yellow off to the side who didn’t make the picture taking :-).

Groom's family at Nigerian wedding all in blue outfits native

The groom’s immediate family in their blue coordinating outfits.


Groom and his crew fooling around before the ceremony

The groom and groomsmen trying to keep him calm and loose.

Nigerian Wedding Reception:

What to expect at a Nigerian wedding reception? A whole lot of dancing and laughing, and then more dancing and a whole load of food.

the band getting ready to play

The band preparing to play and setting up equipment. It’s going to be a long day!


Nigerian bride dancing with her mom

A Nigerian wedding is a day of celebration. Happiness abounds and a great time is practically guaranteed. Here you can see the bride dancing with her parents and family.

Nigerian Wedding Money Dance:

This is also the day the bride makes her money. While dancing, the guests will usually come up to her and “spray” her as it’s called. The money flies fast and furious, so the bride will usually have one or two of her friends with bags gathering up the money as it falls. The groom also makes money, as does the parents. Like l said in the engagement post, the money received is usually more than the cost of the whole wedding.

Nigeria wedding day celebration money dance

The bride is also being sprayed throughout the event, whenever she is dancing, people come up and spray her.



The brides mom being sprayed on a Nigeria wedding day event

This is called “spraying”. Here the brides mother is being sprayed with money. This is traditional and money is given in lieu of presents so they can get what is most needed or recoup money spent on the affair. Friends or family are on hand to collect the money in large bags.


Bride and groom dancing on a traditional Nigerian wedding. In English clothes, suit and white dress

Getting down! The bride and groom dancing at the reception. The culmination of long term planning.



Nigerian bride and groom cutting the cake in a Nigeria wedding day celebration

Nigeria wedding day celebration: Cake cutting time for the bride and groom.


The bride getting ready to throw the boquet

The bride getting ready to chuck her flowers into the crowd of eager single women.

What l love about weddings in Nigeria is that you get a mix of traditional and western influence. Traditional in that the engagement is usually done the ways of old, traditional outfits and routines such as asking for the bride’s hand and the gifts from the groom’s side. The westernised part is evident in the church ceremony with the traditional wedding gown and suit for the groom. Everything blends together at the reception where people wear both kinds of outfits, music is usually traditional Nigerian music, talking drums etc. and then switched up to a DJ spinning popular songs, both in English and Yoruba. Like l said, fun times!

How does this compare to a ceremony in your neck of the woods? Is it an all day affair, or rather an all weekend affair as it is for us in Nigeria?