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I adore the back of this dress. It really accentuates her small waist.

the wedding day images bride looking up

I think this is my favorite shot. She looks so happy.

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Here are pictures from the wedding day of our couple. This is the culmination of years worth of planning. The day that the bride is sent off to her new home and family.  You will notice the difference in outfits. The bride’s side wears separate colors from the groom’s. In this case, we have yellow and blue on her side and blue on blue on his side. It is not unusual for the wedding and reception to last over 12 hours. A lot of the women start out in high heels and bring an extra pair of comfy slippers in the same colors to slip into after the service. Considering how much dancing is done, this is a very smart thing to do.
This is also the day the bride makes her money. While dancing, the guests will usually come up to her and “spray” her as it’s called. The money flies fast and furious, so the bride will usually have one or two of her friends with bags gathering up the money as it falls. The groom also makes money, as does the parents. Like l said in the previous post, the money received is usually more than the cost of the whole wedding. Divorce is very rare, so a lot of fact finding about the future in-laws is done prior to the wedding. Till death do you part is not a joke! This is of course a great thing to do. We prefer cash to gifts per say. The major reason is because there are no bridal registries to be found in the country because of the lack of department stores. This way, the newlyweds can actually purchase something that they truly want and need, as opposed to getting ten toasters :-).
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