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Mellieha Beach – Ghadira Bay


Summer in the U.S usually kicks off with Memorial Day and l hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend. Thanks to all the veterans who fought for our freedom and way of life. It is so easy to take things for granted.

One only has to watch the news about other countries, with so much oppression  to realize how well we have it. I am sure there were a lot of barbecues and drinking over the weekend to celebrate. I sort of miss it. This would be around the times we would get the new interns at work. Those poor things, always so eager in the beginning! By summer’s end, we would have lost one or 2 who decide on a different career, once they interact with real life people. Learning about it in class is one thing, but actually living it is quite another.

Msida Marina summer view

Summer means a crowded Marina!

In Malta, summer has been here for over 2 months really. The influx of tourists started around March as the weather turned. This little island of about 350,000 welcomes over 1 million people during the summer season! It is also the time when you hear the rumblings from the old people especially, as the buses get so crowded. It is not unusual to have 3 buses pass you by before one stops because they are  stuffed with so many people. A bus ride that takes 15 minutes all of a sudden will now take over 45 minutes, making for a lot of cranky people.

We are thankful that we do not have to take the bus often. The grocery store, post office, pharmacy, etc are all within 10 minutes walk of our flat. We do however get to enjoy watching from the relative safety of the terrace.

I never get tired of watching the boats taking off or coming back to the Marina. I don’t even mind the booze cruises blaring whatever the latest hit is. Last year was that Robin Thicke song. This year, l expect to be “Happy”, even when l will want to slit my wrists after the 1000th time hearing it!!!!  I like to dream of owning one of these beauties someday.

Summer time fun!

Summer time fun!

These images are from one beaches in the North, in Mellieha, called Ghadira Bay , and is my favorite.  I , especially love it because, as you know, yours truly is not a swimmer. I have, however learned to float since we’ve been here. This beach, and the one next to it for that matter is shallow for what seems like a mile (a bit of an exaggeration, but pretty close ), and the water is so clear. I believe it is considered one of the best in Europe and the world.

DEZ_4593 copy

summer beach photo mellieha

Fun in the sun at the Beach

Friends having fun!

Friends having fun!

Ghadira Bay

Ghadira Bay

Malta has a lot of rocky beaches as well, so it is very common to see people swimming pretty much everywhere in the city, and you don’t have to journey North or South. Our closest place is about a 7 minute walk from us.

An example of a "watering hole". The veggie truck also stops here. 2 birds with one stone!

An example of a “watering hole”. The veggie truck also stops here. 2 birds with one stone!

Are you ready for the summer? Do you have any wonderful plans to get away or is a Staycation in the cards?