Simple pleasures - night shot seville fountain

Love this night shot of the fountain by the center. Simple pleasures :-)

Simple Pleasures:

As l grow older, l realize l don’t need a lot of excitement in my life. I enjoy the simple pleasures. The past year and a half has shown me what makes me the happiest. What makes me happy is getting plenty of rest, spending time with my husband and dogs. It’s also being closer to my family. A 6-7 hour plane ride instead of 15, not to mention that it’s cheaper flying out from Europe. Travel, sight seeing, spending time with friends, developing new hobbies like learning a new language, or choosing to do nothing if l please.

The days of dread are long behind me. I used to work every third weekend at my old job. That consisted of a 7-5 shift on the Friday, a 7-7 shift on the Saturdays and Sundays, and a 7-2 shift on Monday before getting a couple days off which l was always too exhausted to enjoy. If you are keeping count, you will notice that 41 hours of work is crammed into those days. The worst part of it is that there are no lunch breaks. I’ve gone days where getting a few minutes to use the restroom was a luxury. All those hours were also spent on my feet… :-( .  My mind was constantly on, even on my days off, work was always at the back of my mind. Did l remember to caution against driving? Did l get that authorization? Did l ask what other medications they were taking, did l calculate the right dose for that kid?.. etc.  The heaviness weighed on my mind,  as a simple error could take a life. I’ve seen it happen to friends over the years. As soon as the weekend was over, l would already be thinking of the next one that was always arrived way too soon.  Folks, take it easy on your pharmacist. They are under a lot of pressure! Till today, l still hate the phone with a passion. I have used it for roughly 30 minutes in almost two years, and only have it because it’s a free line that comes with our cable package.  For the most part, l use it as a camera IF l carry it at all. I love my ipad because it does not ring :-). I don’t regret working obviously. In fact, l thoroughly enjoyed the first twenty four years. I specialized in HIV care and Oncology. The last six years l hated. A giant company had taken over, and dealing with corporate crap slowly burned me out.  It enabled me, however, to save and reach financial independence.

This was to me, a perfect day spent in what is rapidly becoming one of my favorite cities. Simple pleasures :-)

Our friends met us at the hotel in the late morning, giving us a chance to sleep in. We stayed at the Hotel Alcantara, which is located in the center. It’s a really neat little place, reasonably priced and has free wifi. They also have Flamenco shows on the ground floor for €15. We didn’t see it, but from the applause of the audience, l gather it’s good. We walked through the tiny pedestrian only streets. One thing is for sure, there is no personal space. Some of the streets were so narrow, you had to wait for one person to pass through before you could go in. We spent quite a bit of time browsing the souvenir stores, buying postcards and magnets.

Our great little hotel, highly recommended.

Our great little hotel, highly recommended.

simple pleasures- seville center

Simple pleasures like a walk through the ancient center




Simple pleasures: Walking in the park in Seville

Simple pleasures that include a walk in the park


We next walked through a park, not the Maria Luisa that l wrote about previously, but another really nice one with so many lovely fountains that was right by the Metro stop. We made our way off the main road, and went to this delightful tapas place called Taberna Autentica. What a find this place was. The food was absolutely delicious. It was packed inside, mostly locals, so l knew we were on to a good thing. Even though it wasn’t a warm day, there were people braving the cold and sitting outside. Our friends were impressed as well, they thought the food was outstanding.

Awesome Tapas

Awesome Tapas

SIV_4882 copy

Who’s ready for some tapas?

The tapa sized pizza was delicious, and l finished it before l could take a photo :-)

The tapa sized pizza was delicious, and l finished it before l could take a photo :-)

I was hesitant to try this as it had spinach, but boy, was it good!

I was hesitant to try this as it had spinach, but boy, was it good!

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that!

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that! Those little shrimpy things were the bomb!

Simple pleasures - Tapas at Taberna Autentico

This was hands down the most amazing thing ever, crunchy, sweet, delicious. Not sure what its called, but we ended up having another serving!

After lunch, we walked back to the Metro and rode it to the last stop, going West of the center. We wanted to get a feel of what  suburban Seville was like. We liked it. More tapas, more beer, and it was night time. We left early the next morning.


The weather turned..

The weather turned..

photo copy


See what l mean about simple pleasures?.

photo1 copy

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Are you liking Andalusia more? Spain is not just all about Barcelona and Madrid, even though we liked them! No siree, there are lovely places in the South of Spain, and l aim to discover them all. What are your simple pleasures?