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We have compiled here a list of our favorite products. These list is quite comprehensive. Knowing how much l love to read and research, you can be rest assured that just about everything here has either been used, or is used by us or people close to us. Not all these links are affiliate links. That being said, be aware that there are some affiliate links contained in this page. If you buy any item using our link, we would make a small referral commission. This will be at no extra cost to you of course. We thank and appreciate your using the links. “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”



Bose Cordless Noise Canceling Headphone: Nothing brings you peace of mind than quiet in a hectic space. The Bose headphones are extremely comfortable and blocks out engine noise and the crying babies too. It works with Bluetooth so no cords and fold right up too.

Apple iPad: I have to admit that l don't carry my iPad much anymore. This is because l am loving my current smartphone and find l can do the same things on it as the iPad. Federico, on the other hand loves his because he watches his movies on there. Downloaded from Netflix, he has a wide array of things to watch, especially on flights within Europe where we mostly flight the low cost airlines and therefore do not have the luxury of a dedicated entertainment screen.
Smartphone: I recently switched from an iPhone to an Android based phone and l couldn't be happier. I had contemplated upgrading to the iPhone 7 until l did a thorough research and found Spanish and Chinese made phones that had the same features as the iPhone, but at much cheaper prices. If you want to read up on the comparison, check out this post l wrote on our other blog about  switching from iPhone.  I chose the BQ Aquaris over the Huawei because they had the black one in stock and that was my preference. You can't go wrong with either one. The specs are practically the same. Federico has recently switched to the iPhone 6 plus and he loves it. It's new for him (we got it refurbished :-) ). We can't in good conscience recommend a thousand dollar phone.
Phone Power Bank: If you do a lot of traveling and use Google maps a lot, you understand why you need this. No brainer! It goes hand in hand with the phone.
Rapid Charger: Always good on the go to extend your talking time and electronic usage. Universal Adapter: When you travel from country to country, each one with a different voltage and pins, you need a universal adapter without a doubt. First, it saves you money by not having to buy one once you get there, often at a markup. It also saves you having to run around to find one. We actually bring 2 or 3 with us because we have so many things to charge :-).

Laptop: What can l say? I love the Macbook Pro. We have the 13 inch model. It's lightweight and perfect for traveling. We depend on it for doing everything involved with running the websites. The iPad is not user friendly enough when it comes to writing blog posts and editing images.
Kindle: That would be me. I love to read. Admittedly sometimes l miss flipping through actual pages when l read but there is no denying the awesomeness of being able to take a library of hundreds of books with you when you travel. Books purchased online or even rented from libraries can be read at your leisure without the bulkiness. I bought an actual soft cover book recently and had to carry it with all the time as my carry-on and handbag were stuffed to the gills.


I have talked about some of the websites we use to save money on our travels, like when we went to the Maldives, but l will list them again. Skyscanner is what we use to search for flights. I like the fact that you can search direct flights or multi-stops if you would like to do a bit of sightseeing. This is a very popular destination for travelers. It searches across most airlines, but remember there are low-cost airlines that are not included in searches, for example Wizz Air in Europe, so you might have to do those directly from the airlines themselves. Secret Flying is our, as the name suggests secret weapon. I am signed up for the daily newsletter and are therefore alerted when there is a glitch or error fare or some crazy deal offered by the airlines. We have been able to take advantage of some really inexpensive deals, such as a 2 week itinerary that took us from Rome-South Africa-Bangkok-Rome for less than $400 each. Add the $80 round trip fare from Seville to Rome and it was still a great deal.


Our favorite sites for finding accommodation when we travel are: Hotelscombined: This is one of our favorites because they shop across all websites to find the cheapest price. Click this link to find best prices. TripAdvisor is another favorite. The world's largest travel site, it's a great place to find hotels, airfare, tours and to get reviews from past patrons.

AirBnB: Another site that we use frequently. Sometimes when we travel, we prefer to be in a place where we have access to a kitchen and laundry, especially in expensive countries like Sweden or Japan. Use our referral code to get $41 off your first trip with AirBnB. Lastminute: For the brave souls who can wait till the last minute or close to it to make their reservation. I like this website and have gotten really good deals on 4 and 5 star hotels. You can find deals up to 70% off regular prices. I don't use it as often as l did because sometimes l just like a peace of mind, but l would still recommend it.


Samsonite: Sturdy, dependable company that have been making luggage for eons, unlike the johnny come lately brands. Love the lightweight spinner ones and we are actually thinking of buying the bigger one as well for when we have checked luggage. Our current one is still going strong, but it's not a spinner.

Backpack: Federico is the one who carries the backpack as a second item to carry on. He loves his backpack because it can hold some of his photography gear, laptop, and even clothing. More often than not, his backpack weighs more than the carry-on allowances but he gets away with it.




best travel gear recommendations
Any longtime reader of the blog knows that l rarely wear fancy shoes when we travel. No high heels because we walk a lot. A whole lot. It is therefore very important for me especially to wear comfortable shoes. Due to an accident when l was a kid and flat feet, l have a wonky left hip and l feel most comfortable in sneakers or walking shoes. Our go to brands are New Balance, Adidas and Clarks. 

Do you know that Clarks shoes offers free shipping and free returns? EVERY DAY!

My Merrill  sandals are as fancy as they come :-). Bring on the walks! I'm comfortable in them and raring to go. Having tried some of the best walking shoes ever made, l have found these shoes to be my most favorite brands for walking. You can find more detailed recommendations on the travel shoes post.


Scarf: This is one thing l make sure to have on any flight. I love to wrap it around my face to prevent nasal dryness. I also prefer it to the airline blankets. Did you know that the blankets are rarely washed, merely repackaged for the next passengers? No thanks!
Neck Pillow: I admit l usually forget to take this with me, but l am always happy when l do remember it. Nothing like comfort when you doze off on a plane or are sitting in some uncomfortable chair in the waiting lounge.

Toiletry Bag: I love this bag and wished l had purchased it earlier. I was always forgetting little things in the hotels. No more. This bag hangs right up. I use my things and put them right back. No more expensive moisturizers and facial wash left behind.