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holiday feast poggio dei cavalieri

The restaurant is on the left, and one of the chalets on the right.

poggio dei cavalieri

View of the restaurant..from the rear


Poggio dei Cavalieri:

Since food is always a great comfort to me :-), l thought l would share our holiday feast for Christmas in Rome. This restaurant called Poggio dei Cavalieri, Agriturismo (Countryside) is located on the outskirts of Rome. It is frequented by locals, and is run by family, as are most restaurants.

Only one girl, the hostess, speaks a little bit of English, nobody else. If someone told you this place was in Tuscany, you would totally believe it, as it is located high up in the hills, affording you great views of olive trees and wonderful smells of lavender and rosemary.There are about 6 chalets on the property and they have cute names like Piazza dela Signora, just like in Florence. The rooms are decorated tastefully too.

They grow their own vegetables and  breed animals like horses, sheep, Shetland ponies, as well as the meat they serve, including specially fed cows that are used in Italian cooking. Poggio dei Cavalieri translates to Horsemen’s hill station.


cold cuts in rome italy

Plate of appetizers to start the feast

Salmon tartine

Salmon tartine




BRL_4666 copy

Poggio dei Cavalieri wine and water


bottle of wine

Lots of vino at Poggio dei Cavalieri!

Main Dishes at Pollio dei Cavalieri:

Horseradish risotto.

Horseradish risotto. It was actually very good.

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Ravioli with slow cooked meat..yummy!

Ravioli with slow cooked meat at Poggio dei Cavalieri..yummy!


slow cooked meat plate poggio dei cavalieri

Slow roasted pork at Poggio dei Cavalieri


veal and roasted sausage poggio de cavalieri #poggiodeicavalieri #rome #eastinglikealocalrome #agriturismo #food #romanfood

Veal and roasted country sausage.


Potatoes at poggio dei cavalieri

Potatoes plate as part of you all inclusive dining

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horseradish plate poggio dei cavalieri

More horseradish. I skipped this one.


pandoro cake

Pandoro cake, since it was Christmas and is a tradition in Rome


mixed fruit plate poggio dei cavalieri

Mixed fruit of course to help with digestion at Pollo dei Cavalieri Agriturismo restaurant Rome

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Agriturismo Poggio dei Cavalieri:

My sister-in-law had her kid’s baptism at Poggio dei Cavalieri, loved the food so much and had gone back a couple of times since then. They wanted us to try it. We decided to have Christmas lunch there. Most Italians do the big cooking on Christmas eve.

Christmas day, everyone goes out for lunch, so it was crowded.It’s one of those places where everyone is treated like family, hugs doled out all around, the owner comes by and will seat with you, shooting the breeze. The wait staff were excellent, and very attentive. It was a lovely way to spend almost four hours. They are open year round of course.

Here are some of the plates that l remembered to take pictures of. It was a set menu, €40 for adults, and they did not charge for the kid . This includes the starters, main courses, desserts, wine, dessert wine. I assume it was a little costlier because it was a holiday, but l felt it was a fair price for what we got. There were 8 courses if l remember rightly. This was more of a meat and potatoes place, and l much prefer seafood.

It was all very delicious though. Being being a back seat driver, l complained the whole way up the hill. :-).  I totally hate being driven, l admit it. By the time l got over it, it was time to drive the dark..following my brother-in-law’s car.. I didn’t care too much, as l was fortified with an aperitif, 3 glasses of wine, and a shot of limoncello :-)

man, woman and child

She had gotten one of those kiddie tablets for Christmas, and insisted on carrying it everywhere.. :-)


views from poggio dei cavalieri

Such lovely views from the dining room at Poggio dei Cavalieri..

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views poggio dei cavalieri

Roman Tuscany? You would be forgiven for thinking so. The views are gorgeous.


Poggio dei Cavalieri Agriturismo restaurant #Rome #Italy #food #visitrome #eatlikelocalsRome #romanfeast #poggiodeicavalieri


Poggio dei Cavalieri Agriturismo restaurant #Rome #italy #food #agriturismo #romanfeast #romerestaurant

Even though the food here is absolutely fantastic, l would not recommend Poggio dei Cavalieri for dinner if you visit Rome and do not have a car!. Unfortunately, it is just too far away from the center, and there is no public transportation that l saw on the little windy way up there. If one had a rented car, yes, yes, and yes again.

For a destination wedding venue, l would highly recommend it. It has everything from gorgeous bridal rooms to alfresco dining. They provide everything, from flowers, photography, music, baby, even dog sitting for the guests. That would be just awesome, wouldn’t it?. It’s exactly what you would picture for a big Italian wedding. I didn’t do the place justice with my photos, but trust me, it’s worth it. You can find them here.

If you want a truly unique dining experience that makes you feel like a local in Rome, I suggest a meal at Poggio dei Cavalieri. You definitely need a car to get there as it is truly off the beaten path and sits atop a hill high above Rome.