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Aren’t they so darn cute? That’s Jenny and Z.

Podcast with Expats – Episode #1

This is the first episode of our new addition to the podcast series. Knowing that you might be getting tired of hearing my lovely voice :-) , we have added podcast interviews with expats like us who are choosing life outside of the norm, so to speak. It’s being a long time coming l know, as l mentioned this in the very first podcast that we would eventually be doing that. It only took a few months. I think it went very well for the first time, as far as trying to coordinate schedules and getting the microphone to work so as to make the voice audible. As time goes by, l hope the process becomes smoother. Thanks for bearing with us, and for growing with us.

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And three to go! Get it?? :-)

This premiere episode features Jenny from the website andthreetogo. Jenny, along with her husband and adorable baby Z reside in Phuket, Thailand currently. Listen to her story on the podcast.

Jenny gives us a taste of life in a foreign land. She has some helpful tips and advice for anyone contemplating the move.

We also talk, along with other things, about:

  • The Cost of living in Thailand and how much is a reasonable amount to bring with you initially to set yourself up. The current rent they pay.
  • How she ended up as an expat.
  • Types of visa you should consider.
  • Food! But of course :-) . We have that in common. Her posts on food slay me all the time as l love Thai food.

In addition to the podcast, you can check out her website here for more on life in Phuket. She is also on Facebook , twitter , Instagram  and Pinterest .

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Make sure to visit her at any of the social media handles. As usual, we welcome any tips or suggestions you might have regarding the podcast. Feel free to leave a comment on itunes or on Libsyn or send us an email. Our objective is to make the podcast informative and fun, so here is your chance to help shape it. We would really appreciate your taking the time out for constructive criticism.  Rating us on itunes would be great too. I hope you enjoy the  Podcast with Expats series. Has a nice ring to it does it not? It is my hope that we will be able to showcase travelers of all ilk and share their journeys with you.


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Thank you Jenny for being the very first guest. We wish you many more great years of traveling the globe :-) .