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Podcast with Expats 2 is all about Anita and Richard in Portugal. The married couple left the U.S over four years ago for a life of travel. They divested themselves of their worldly goods, including their home in Texas. The first few years were spent in Mexico and Latin America. They have now settled into the Algarve region of Portugal. Join us as they talk about their new life in beautiful Lagos.

anita and richard in portugal podcast with expats

Who wouldn’t want a nice beach like this? :-)

Podcast with Expats 2 – Anita & Richard in Portugal

Some of the topics that we talk about on the episode include:

  • Origin of their website name
  • What ultimately led to their decision to travel
  • Professions they had during their working years
  • Why they chose Portugal
  • Life in the Algarve
  • The type of visa they have and the length of time to obtain it
  • Cost of living and everyday expenses
  • Food and the quality
  • Language difference and  adjusting to the culture
anita and richard in portugal podcast with expat

Thanksgiving dinner in Manta

They also offer their advice as to things to keep in mind if you are planning the same kind of adventure, that is a life of travel. It was really nice to get the perspective of real life experience in the region as that is one of the places that we have contemplated moving to ourselves. It’s obvious from the pictures how beautiful that region of Portugal is and l am sure it made for an easy decision. Portugal continues to be, along with Spain a destination for expats from all over the world. The weather and the warmth of the people is often spoken about by everyone.

podcast with expats 2 portugal marina

cobblestone walkway along marina

The musings of Anita and Richard in Portugal can be found on their website no particular place to go. You can also find them on twitter at this handle. There are lots of stories of their travels over the years to places like Morocco, Panama and Belize among others. Be sure to check out their site for their engaging posts. They are living life on their own terms.

podcast with expats 2 anita and richard in portugal

Beach scene – Atlantic

podcast with expats 2 portugal

Ponta de piedade,  Lagos

Thank you so much for joining me on the Podcast with Expats 2 episode, Anita and Richard. It was really fun talking to you. Looking forward to reading more of your stories and  further adventures  on the blog. As usual, we appreciate your listening to the podcasts and would love for you to leave a rating on itunes. That helps assure that more people get to listen to the podcasts and can make informed decisions about travel :-) .

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Does Portugal sound great to you as a destination? Would you ever consider chucking it all in and making a new life outside of your comfort zone?