Podcast with Expats 4 – This episode is with Allison Jones. She is a budding entrepreneur who is currently finishing her Master’s  program in Marriage Counseling while still living overseas. Allison is currently in Japan with her basketball playing husband in the suburbs of Tokyo. They have been there for almost 6 months after spending the previous year in Italy, close to Milan where he played in the Italian league. Allison herself was featured in an infamous episode  on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16th” birthday series. Years later, thanks to re-runs, she is still being recognized from the show and her determination to empower young women arose from a letter she received from a teenage girl.

In the podcast, we discuss her current life in Japan. Their experience makes you realize that there are a multitude number of ways to make your dreams of overseas living and travel come through. Allison takes us through:


  • life as a basketball player’s wife
  • game days with the husband
  • her current goals
  • Life as an expat in Japan
  • Getaway trips
  • Cost of living

Once we realized that we were on our way to Japan, l reached out to Allison to see if we could meet up, knowing very well that she might be on a trip (one of the advantages of being super close to wonderful destinations :-) ). As it happened, she had gone on a trip with her mom but was back shortly before we arrived. We ended up having dinner with her and her lovely husband, along with my niece at a fantastic Yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant that was one of their favorites. We bonded over delicious meat!!! Haha! :-)

Thank you Allison for being part of Podcast with Expats 4. Make sure to check out her travels at:

her lifestyle and fashion blog .

You can  find her on Facebook  .

Her Instagram portfolio is here.

Allison has found a way to combine her love for travel, education and fashion style. That is truly an achievement for such a young lady. We wish her continued success with her business, as well as his career.


Any plans in your future for a travel or lifestyle change? Please share with us. As always, we appreciate it.