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Papetto Ristorante - Rome

Papetto Ristorante Rome:

Papetto ristorante interior

We came early..oh…and l think the Pope would enjoy the food too! :-)


Ristorante Papetto is a local, out of the touristy area seafood restaurant in Rome. I know what you’re saying “just when you thought you were safe from food posts, l pull you back in”. So sorry, but l would be a total twat if l did not show you the delightful meal that you could have at this insanely good, family run restaurant. If you’re a foodie, you might want to check out one of the best restaurants in Rome.

His nephew is ready!!! :-)

His nephew is ready!!! :-)


So are they..

So are they..

Set menu at Papetto Ristorante:

There is no menu at Ristorante Papetto. It is a set price of €35 for adults. They don’t really charge for little kids, at least not any of the times we’ve been there over the years. There are 3 main rooms that seats roughly 200 people combined,  and they are always packed. You definitely need a reservation because it is always full, weekday and weekends. None of the family speaks English, and you certainly won’t hear any around you.

It’s a good thing, as they only have to bring you the food. There are about 12 courses in all, and the food depends on the catch of the day. I will let the pictures do the talking. This comes with all the house wine you can consume, (red and white), soft drinks and water.

seafood salad at papetto ristorante

Seafood salad, and you have to do the “scarpetta”, mop up the juices with bread! Delicious

octopus appetizer

Perfectly prepared and mouth watering octopus


mussels in shell


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steamed mussels at ristorante papetto

Steamed mussels..oh so good!


seafood ravioli ristorante papetto,rome

Seafood ravioli! My God, they were so good, l asked for another plate :-). I have eaten at a lot of places in Rome, and Papetto Ristorante has the best seafood ravioli.


seafood risotto at ristorante papetto

Paletto Ristorante Rome seafood risotto is absolutely amazing

seafood spaghetti ristorante pipette rome

Seafood spaghetti at Ristorante Papetto Roma. I want it again, so badly.. and so will you..



Salad. I loved dipping the carrots in the sauce.


fish and shrimp with head and lemon slices at ristorante rome papetto

Fish..and lots of it.


The best lemon sorbet ever! I always ask for a second..

Pipette Roma. The best lemon sorbet ever! I always ask for a second..


tiramisu dessert papetto ristorante rome

Tiramisu at Papetto Ristorante Rome, the best seafood restaurant in Rome popular with the natives. Ristorante tipici Roma :-)

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Ristorante Papetto Roma


seafood spaghetti plate ristorante papetto rome #papetto #rome #seafoodrome

Mouthwatering seafood spaghetti at Ristorante Papetto, a local favorite.

Some of the plates are individual portions, and sometimes you get a family platter for the table. You can always ask for more. I wouldn’t recommend it :-). You don’t want to get too filled up before the next course. A mistake l made the first time. As a lover of seafood, l am in heaven here.  I somehow forgot to take pictures of the salmon crostini and oysters (my brother-in-law had that all to himself, as no one else eats it).

You definitely need to go on empty stomach, and the meal will last for like 2-3 hours. I highly recommend Ristorante Papetto if you want to eat like the Romans. It really shows you a glimpse of Roman life, you know, the one you picture from the movies like The Godfather.

How to get to Papetto Ristorante in Rome:

You can take the No. 8 train in from the center, its only about a 15 minute ride, maybe less, and drops you practically at the door.

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Papetto Ristorante Address:

Circonvallazione Gianicolense, 91, 00100 Roma RM, Italy

Ristorante Papetto Roma Hours:

Closed Mondays

Sundays and Thursdays 12PM-3PM

All other days: 12PM-3PM and  7PM-11PM

The best part about the whole place is that even if you didn’t speak Italian, you are worry free. The food just keeps coming. If you would like more of something, just point, and they will happily oblige. The atmosphere is loud and boisterous. Families, couples on dates, and business men in suits after work are familiar sights. I enjoy just taking it all in and stuffing my face. We always make sure we visit on every trip back to visit his family.

Have you ever been to Rome? If yes, did you try the local eateries? Are you a lover of seafood? Can you see yourself demolishing this Roman fare? or are you more a meat and potatoes kind of person? Perhaps a vegan?