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A Little Peek Into The Life Of The Joneses

Black Infinity SUV side view

Recently, one of my favorite bloggers, Justin, who has retired at the ripe old age of 33 (sweet!) at RootofGood had an article which can be found here : http://rootofgood.com/reaching-the-summit-financial-independence/ It talks about the paths taken to financial independence using the Smith and Jones families. Reading it reminded me of one of my neighbors, who … Read more

The tragedy that triggered my early retirement


As the day draws near that l mourn the passing of my immediate older sister, there is the mixture of joy and sadness that washes over me whenever l think of her. She lost her battle with lung cancer on the last day of January 3 years ago. It is still very hard for me … Read more

My E.R visit in Malta


A few days ago, I started with what l thought was a cold/flu. I believed l was just unlucky as l also had the flu starting Christmas day and going almost into the new year. I wasn’t too worried and just took some liquid medication for the symptoms. It got progressively worse though, and l … Read more

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