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Paella in Seville

Best paella in Seville


La Paella Seville building

La Paella has the best paella in Seville in our opinion. Simple and good and they only serve paella.

I know what you are thinking. Seville? For paella? Is that possible? I thought Valencia was the only place to get good paella? I assure you that it is quite possible, my friends :-). Absolutely, freaking amazing paella, done the right way. We are in Seville for a long weekend, and are absolutely loving it. The city is what l can only define as insanely beautiful. In my next post, l will have pictures of the city, but for now, you just have to make do with the paella :-). I’m just sorry l only had my cell phone on me.

Yummy traditional paella

Yummy traditional paella cooking. It’s worth the wait for the best paella in Seville


Paella Seville cooking

They let me in the kitchen to snap a pic of this wonderful and friendly lady cooking the paella.

We had walked around the center of Seville for several hours because our friends were eager to show off their city. The center does remind me of Malaga’s but on a much larger scale. The streets are just as narrow, and cars are not allowed inside the center, save for taxis, and even they can only go so far before you have to get out and walk the rest, that is how narrow the streets are.

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We were hungry, and mentioned trying to find some good paella. We were informed that it was not a Sevillano thing, but luckily, they knew of a little paella place owned by people from Valencia. This place is called La Paella Seville. It is located in the center. They only serve the best paella in Seville :-). We got there early, and they were still making it as we got there soon after they opened. We booked a table and walked around some more, because the first batch would not be ready for about 30 minutes. It was a good thing we reserved space. It was full by the time we came back, and several people that stopped by afterwards could not find seats and most left.

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Flamenco Fashion in Seville

image of interior of la paella seville spain

The interior is plain and quaint, and the prices reflect it. They serve the best paella in Seville at great prices.


Tapas size paella

Tapas size of sepia paella. Absolutely delicious at one of the best paella restaurants in Seville.

They only make 3 kinds of paella. The traditional one with chicken and rabbit, a seafood one, and a Negro paella, made with squid ink. We wanted to try all three, so we had tapa sized Negro and Marisco to share, and then we had regular sized plates. I had the traditional. It was good, make that great. It was a lot too, it cost just €5.95 for the big plate, and €2.50 for the tapa size. All three were so good. We plan one more visit before we leave. It was that fantastic. I was also proud that l was able to order by myself, and even contribute a bit to the conversation….in Spanish, thanks to my favorite new app, utalk.

Regular plate, big portion of paella

Regular plate, big portion of paella at la Paella Sevilla Spain.

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la paella seville delivery bike #lapella #bestpaellaseville #sevillefood #sevillepaella

Even a big old delivery bike for the best paella restaurant in Seville, bar none!


If you find yourself in Seville, you have to try this place. It has the tastiest and best paella in Seville and worth the wait if you have to. If you wish to make your own paella, Valencia style, here is how to make paella from a local. It’s not everyday one gets to experience the authentic Spanish paella recipe.  l can’t imagine it could be any better than this. A plate of paella,  a pint of the local beer, Cruzcampo, and all is well with the world.

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Are you a paella lover? Would you eat Paella in Seville, or would you be a purist, and have it only in Valencia? If you’re looking for the best paella in Seville, you now know where to go :-).