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malaga roman theatre night view

Night view of the Roman theatre in Malaga

Malaga nightlife is alive and kicking!!! We had a couple of friends visit us for dinner this past weekend. It was the first time we have had anyone over since we have been in Malaga. A lovely evening spent getting to know each other and dining on shrimp risotto, which was absolutely fantastic.

This was followed by fried calamari (I  thought that was just okay. She doesn’t eat gluten and so  brought some special flour thing which l didn’t think tasted all that good, but l was in the minority! Again :-) . Pun intended!!!). We had some mouth watering dessert from a local bakery. Needless to say, we shall become regular customers from now on. It was a big hit, little miniature sized cakes, chocolate puffs and tarts.

They went over  very well. They also brought a fantastic bottle of wine which we demolished pronto, along with a bottle of Rose we had chilling. The meal actually lasted 3 hours! I guess this means we are adjusting to Spanish life!

Malaga at Midnight:

The weather in Malaga in October is still pretty mild. As you can see, pretty much everyone is wearing short sleeves and shorts. This adds to the festive air, no bundling up or anything, just fresh air, especially that late at night. Very pleasant indeed.

Malaga cine

Nice cinema, Malaga centro


The Alcazaba is in the rear.

The Alcazaba is in the rear.


Entrance to the Alcazaba, not quite the Alhambra, but l'm sure its still very nice :-)

Entrance to the Alcazaba, not quite the Alhambra, but it’s still very nice :-)

Malaga Cathedral Night View:

These are actually 2 churches. The tower belongs to the Malaga Cathedral.

These are actually 2 churches. The tower belongs to the Malaga Cathedral.


Malaga cathedral up close view from the bottom at night with tower

Up close and personal with the cathedral. You can see the one tower to the right. A story that is common in Spain.

About 11.30pm, they asked if we would like to take a walk around the center. I said yes right away. We have seen it during the day lots of times, but we haven’t gone out that late. They had a car, so the journey was only a few minutes. We basically made a circle around the center. We started off at the Plaza de la Merced and walked to the Roman Theatre, through to the Malaga Cathedral, the Customs building, Calle Larios and a ton of restaurants.

Highlights of Malaga Centre:

They pointed out good places to eat and drink. A cinema that shows old movies in the original language, Picasso’s birthplace at the Merced, even the great big old building purchased by Antonio Banderas, and where he plans to reside once all the apartments on the top floor have been converted to one giant big ass flat, just for him. From the looks of it, it would be at least 10,000 square feet, if not more. He is another native son of Malaga, and visits often.

The Malaga center showing stores closed at night and narrow streets

Malaga centre takes on a different look at night when the streets are quieter. It invites you to walk down the small side streets and have a drink or meal.

Malaga Center: Lively at night

Al fresco dining in Malaga center at night

Al fresco dining. The Spanish eat late, and when a meal averages about three hours, you can understand why the place is so crowded at such a late hour.

Striking a pose!

Striking a pose! Our friends hamming it up in Malaga centre


Malaga plaza constitution at night

Plaza de la Constitucion at midnight. So very different from the daytime when there is so much activity.


Front page of the constitution during our midnight walk in Malaga

Front page of the constitucion embedded in the ground.

I was dog tired by the time we got back home, at almost 2.30am. It was a lot of walking, but l learned a lot. It was great to take the walk with locals. I was completely amazed at the sheer number of people that were still out, at such a late hour. Only in Vegas have l seen so many people out at that time of night.

We walked through this restaurant called Pimpi ( i will do a post at some later time, after we eat there), and no kidding, there were at least 700 people spread out over 3 floors and the outside, eating, drinking and people watching!

It was completely safe too in the center, no drunks or kids misbehaving. A mixture of mostly locals and tourists. For sure, we’re moving closer to the Malaga center so we can be part of the nightlife :-) .

This is about 1am!

This is about 1am! i was a bit shocked at just how busy it still was. Don’t these kids have school in the morning? I would be dragging.


I loved this street and all the other little ones that are everywhere.

I loved this street and all the other little ones that are everywhere.


Malaga at midnight - walk through the centre #malaga #malagacenter #oldtownmalaga #visitmalaga


Crest of Santiago Malaga:

This is the Cross of Santiago. It is the actual starting point of the Arabic Camino de Santiago trek.

This is the Crest of Santiago. It is the actual starting point of the Arabic version of the Camino de Santiago trek.

Malaga is full of so many delightful places to see and even more places to eat. I can’t wait to really start exploring some of them, so l can show off this delightful city we have chosen to call home. One thing is for sure, unlike the states, where the night life is non existent and the restaurants close at 10pm, the nightlife in Malaga and the rest of Spain is just beginning.

Update: We no longer live in Malaga. We currently call Valencia home and we have been here for two years. Life is good

and we plan on staying here for the foreseeable future. We are loving our flat. If you plan on moving to Spain, make sure to purchase your copy of our guide which walks you through the steps so you can start your expat life sooner in sunny Spain.

Plaza de la Merced, Malaga #malaga #malagamidnight #visitmalaga #oldtownmalaga #spaintravel

Does Malaga sound like a place you would like to visit? or is it just not exciting enough for you?