Fountain at the square in Puebla del Rio

Fountain at the square in Puebla del Rio

My mother in law visited us from Rome this past week. It was a very chilled, relaxed time for her and us as well. A vacation from a permanent vacation if you will :-). I enjoyed it immensely. The woman is so sweet, and she has like an almost obsessive compulsive love of cleaning. She did not let me lift a finger all week. I didn’t even pretend to want to.

We spent the week exploring Seville, despite the heat. The temperature  sometimes reached 105 degrees, but it was dry heat. Let me tell you, it makes a huge difference! Malta, and Houston before that, were more humid heat, the kind that makes you drip and stink as soon as you left the house.

In Seville, we are able to drive with the windows open, because there is always a breeze. I wish people could experience the Houston heat to compare to here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still hot, but bearable. Give me this any old-time! :-)

puebla del rio 2

The main square..

The main square..Plenty of sidewalk for the kids to play while the adults ate. It’s so interesting to see the difference between the States and here. Kids play, everyone watches out for them, and the parents just chill..

Puebla del Rio, Seville : Las Lozas Cerveceria

Pueblo del Rio Las Lozas entrance door

Among the places we ate at was a little tapas place called Las Lozas in the Pueblo (town) of Puebla del Rio, which is one of the neighboring towns to us. It is an agricultural area and is known for growing rice, oranges, corn, cotton and sunflower. This is made possible by their close proximity to the Guadalquivir River.

From what l understand, Puebla del Rio enjoyed prosperity during the Moorish rule as it supplied Seville with the above products, along with meat and poultry. There are quite a few great Spanish artists and singers that were born and raised in this lovely Pueblo.

Our fruit stand guy told us about it, and about Las Lozas, said the food was good, and the prices reasonable. We decided to try it, and we were not disappointed. Puebla del Rio is about 15 kilometers away from the center of Seville. It was less than a 10 minute drive from us.

The town is such a cute place. It immediately reminded me of one of those places that you would see in an old movie western. You know, where the hero would ride in to a dusty little town and everybody stares at him as he gets off the horse.

Las Lozas Puebla del Rio

The bar at Las Lozas, Puebla del Rio Seville

We were indeed a curiosity. I’m not sure if it’s because l was taking pictures with the cell phone, or because we had arrived for dinner before 9pm :-). It was more likely the latter, as we had to sit for another half hour as the kitchen opened at 9.30pm! It was worth the wait though. Their tapas were quite good, yummy and filling. I keep thinking back, and l can not recollect ever having bad food anywhere.

It became a very lively place very quickly. It seems where locals hang out, and l can imagine how it is on the weekends. By the time we finished dinner, every table outside was occupied, couples on dates, families with prams, kids running around the little square. It was a slice of everyday life of the locals.


las lozas in puebla del rio beer

First things first :-)

las lozas menu cover

Nothing fancy, just a local joint.


las lozas bread

Bread..just perfect for cleaning up the plates..


las lozas tapas bacalao

Federico says this was one of the best bacalao he has ever had..


I loved the shrimp..

I loved the shrimp with rock salt..It was the perfect cold temperature.

The tuna was fantastic!

The tuna was fantastic! Grilled to perfection.


Las Lozas patata tapa with caramel sauce

This is some sort of potato thing.. I did not want to order it at first. Boy, was l glad l did, it tasted more like dessert. The sauce was like sweet caramelized sugar..


Las Lozas tapas plate of calamari with olive oil sauce

You know this is my greatest love! :-) The sauce was mopped up with bread.. :-)


Great Rebujito

Great Rebujito

Now that we have discovered this place, we intend to visit again. Our dinner at Las Lozas tapas consisted of:

5 beers

1 Rebujito , a refreshing cocktail mix of Sherry ( Manzanilla or Fino) and 7UP or Sprite. It is a very popular drink in Andalusia and is the drink of the Feria.

1 bottle of water

5 big size tapas.

Our bill came to €33.85! Very reasonable indeed, and you can see why it’s popular :-). Nothing quite like eating where the locals eat. I hope to discover some more gems in little Pueblos that are near and far.

This is what we mean by slow traveling. Getting to interact with people. Hopefully as my Spanish improves (yikes!), it will be easier. At least in church now, l understand roughly 5% of what the priest says :-).

The rest of the week for her, aside from shopping, checking out the sites like Alcazar Palace,  the Italica Ruins (this time they let us in for free!)  and eating out was spent doing this. I think she enjoyed her vacation away from my sister in law and her two very young kids!


How is the weather in your neck of the woods? Are you close to the beach or are you in a place like Seville, inland and the nearest beach is about 55 kilometers away? How do you get relief? Most importantly, are you craving Las Lozas tapas right now? or just the beer?