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Bruges just like in the moviecity center

The Dam square, a wonderful place to hang out and people watch. Spend a day in Bruges and you will end up here. . Perhaps maybe the top thing in Bruges even.


Visit Bruges on a trip to Belgium! Consider it good advice. Sure it’s touristy, but it’s still worth seeing. On our vacation to the beautiful little country that is Belgium, that l highlighted on my previous post, we visited Bruges on a fun day trip from Brussels. I had first heard of Bruges from the Colin Farrell movie from a few years ago.

I know l am not the only one who was inspired by that little independent movie, as l have seen references to it from so many people. It apparently sparked the wanderlust in many.  It just seems so quaint. Having seen it, l can confirm that is indeed true. It is a wonderful little gem of a place.

As you come into town of Bruges...trees kine the walkway.

As you come into town.. Bruce is an awesome day trip in Belgium


bruges river belgium

The river that flows into the canals as you come into town from the train station. Our day in Bruges was fun. Very crowded, but fun nonetheless.

Visit Bruges:

Bruges is located in the Flemish region of Belgium, and is the capital and largest city in the province of West Flanders. It used to be a trading post between the 12th and 15th centuries, thanks to it’s so named “Golden Inlet” ,( Zwinn Chanel), which connected directly to the sea. How lucky is that!

Alas, by the 15th century, the inlet stilted and lost it’s connection to the vast sea. It wasn’t long before the prosperity enjoyed by Bruges shifted to Antwerp, and the population dwindled. Bruges is booming again, thanks to tourism, as more and more people like ourselves have discovered the charm.

This medieval city of Bruge, with its cobble stoned streets, Cathedrals and Canals has retained it’s old world uniqueness. It was so cool to hear the clickity-clack of the horses’ hooves as they ferried tourists all over town.

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bruges street Belgium

Cobble stoned street in Bruges, Belgium


bruge street with people belgium

Whether you spend half a day in Bruges or a full Day in Bruges – lots of people but lots of fun.


We loved checking out the streets.

Visit Bruges guide: We loved checking out the streets on our Brussels to Bruges day trip. It was nice getting away from the crowds and finding little streets like this and discovering street art and nifty stores.


bruges carriage in front of the bellfry

A horse drawn carriage passes by the Bellfry, one of Bruges top attractions.

More than a day in Bruges?

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Fun Facts about Bruges:

  • Bruges is known for Spinning and Weaving of Lace. It produces some of the most luxurious lace in the world. Flax flowers, which is used in lace production, grows like weed here :-).
  • It is mandatory for every citizen of Bruges to vote.
  • The town centre of Bruges is a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • The first book printed in English, a work of William Claxton, was in Bruges.
  • Bruges was the European Capital of Culture in 2002.
  • Bruges gets over 2 million tourists a year.
  • The sculpture of Madonna and Child in Bruges is the only work of Michelangelo believed to have left Italy during his lifetime.
  • Bruges is called the Venice of the North.
  • Several beers are named after Bruges, such as Brugge Blond  , and Brugze Zot beer . One of the top things to do in Bruges is trying the many types of beer.

Visit Bruges for the beautiful canals:

bruges canal by the water

Those Bruges boat tours had few takers. It was cold! When the weather is nicer though, this is another of the top fun things to do in scenic Bruge. Brugge tourism is one of the highest in Belgium.


dam square bruges belgium with guy posing

A visit to Dam Square is a must for any Bruges vacation. It is the heart of the city.


bruges dam square provincial court

The provincial court in Dam square. It was a very cold day, only the brave withstood the elements. A lot of people were safely indoors in the cafes and restaurants :-)

Pin it for later for what to see and do in Bruges:

bruges, just like in the movie

View of the Belfry in Grote Markt Square.

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My observations of our Bruges visit: :-)

Early dwellers must have been wicked short. I am only 5’5″, and looking at most of the old doorways, l would just fit. Federico couldn’t get in the door without ducking..

See what l mean? Hobbit houses..

See what l mean? Hobbit houses..

Chocolate Heaven. The stores were everywhere, and they smelled and looked so good.

Chocolate display in window in Bruges Belgium..

Chocolate display in a shop window. Easter was just around the corner. A must do in Bruge is to try Belgian chocolate.


bruges chocolate shop

..and more chocolate, Eating chocolate is one of the things to do in Bruges in one day.

It can be brutally cold! It was at least 15 degrees colder than Brussels

Brugges is expensive:

It is kind of pricey, most main courses that we saw were €24 on the average, and €7 starters. We didn’t see a lot of people eating at restaurants either. I think you can only gouge tourists so much, plus it was cold!!! We ended up having hot dog and Belgian fries combo with soda for €7 each.

The train from Brussels to Bruges get really, really packed. My advice is to get to the platform early, and stand in front. Don’t be shy about getting on quickly. To not do so, you would end up like the hundreds of people with no seat, who have to stand for the entire trip :-(. The trains leave often, l think every 45 minutes or so, but they are always packed!

Every single taxi in Bruges is a Mercedes Benz. Every single one!!!! I mentioned it to Federico after l had seen like 4, he didn’t believe me at first. We then started keeping tabs, and lo and behold..every single one is a Benz! I don’t know how that is possible, even the taxi vans are Mercedes! It was kind of cool, and totally solidified the fact that l was right when we went back to the train station, and the cab stand were one Benz after the other!

I am not good in front of the camera. I get quite nervous, tongue tied, and my voice goes down to a whisper, which is unlike me in real life. Very much unlike Tonya. I might just stick with just writing..LOL! Here is a little video of the town square panorama. Don’t laugh at me too much! :-), and yes.. l know you don’t pronounce the “S” in Bruges!

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It reminds me of Amsterdam. I prefer Bruges :-). We visited Brussels, Ghent and Bruges. My love is reserved for Ghent, which l will write about next. I did like Brussels a lot, and totally recommend a visit to Brugge.

In conclusion, your 1 day trip itinerary best things to do in Bruges might include:

  • Dam Square, the drop dead gorgeous heart of Bruges and visit the markt vendor stalls
  • Carriage ride for a scenic view of Bruges
  • Indulge with a romantic canal ride of Brugge
  • Visit a brewery and try out Belgian beer
  • Try Belgian chocolate at one or several of the many little stores or at the chocolate museum.
  • Eat tasty Flemish food in Bruges
  • Visit historic Beguinage, an oasis of calm and serenity. An old charming haven for women that is worthy of a visit.
  • Climb the iconic Belfry (Belfort) tower for an awesome 360 degree view of the city. This is a top tourist attraction in Brugge
  • Visit one of the many art or quirky museums in Bruges such as the Frietmuseum (museum of fries)
Till we meet again, bye bye for now..Bruge train station

Till we meet again, bye bye for now.. A day in Brugge is more than enough time to see the best bits.

Pinnable :

quaint street with bistro in bruges #bruges #brugge #visitbruge #belgium

One of the many quaint streets of Bruges.

Have you been to Bruges ? If so, did you like or love it?. If not, is it a place that you would like to visit?