foodies on cruise lamb shank with mint

Lamb shanks with mint jelly.

Food, and more importantly, Cruise ship food on this post!.  My excitement about the cruise we took on the good ship Adonia to the Dominican Republic caused me to forget images of food consumed. Shame on me! ;-) .

I have sailed on big cruise ships and loved it. I must say that cruising on small cruise ships like the Adonia was absolutely delightful as well. This post will hopefully make you so hungry for food, you will rush and book your cruise immediately. Cruise ship food are drool worthy, and absolutely first class quality.

One of the most wonderful things of being on a cruise ship is that you get to experience so many food choices, way more than at home. This is partly due to the fact that the cruise ship is filled with different people from all over the world.

The cruise companies therefore try to cater to everyone by offering delicious food from various countries. This is a great opportunity for you to sample various cuisine. Depending on the length of your trip, you can just imagine how much you get to eat, and all included in the price of your cruise. Win-win!

This post is all about the wonderful food we had on our cruise, most cruise ships will offer similar fare.

Cruise ship menu: will typically include:

  • Starters (appetizers)
  • Main course
  • Dessert
  • Bread on the side

Foodies Cruise:


This was so good. I think it was pumpkin if l remember.

This was so good. I think it was pumpkin if l remember. So delicate and rich, and definitely tasty.


 Mussels with white wine sauce

Federico loved this! Seafood heaven. These mussels were very tasty and the sauce was a milky base that was so delicious, it was begging to be soaked up with bread! We obliged :-)


Rissotto with mushrooms

Rissotto with mushrooms, one of my favorite things to eat.


Crab salad that was so good, l asked for a second helping. Sorry for some of the fuzzy images..a little wine.. :-)

Seafood salad that was so good, l asked for a second helping. Sorry for some of the fuzzy images..a little wine.. :-)

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Cruise Food: Main courses

foodies cruise turkey plate

This felt like Thanksgiving :-) . Turkey with potatoes and carrots. Loved it!


Pork chops plate on cruise menu

Pork chops with potatoes in a rich wine sauce. Absolutely delicious.


This steak melted in your mouth and the parsley sauce was to die for.

This roast beef (medium rare as requested) was done to perfection and practically melted in your mouth and the parsley sauce was to die for.

Beef with asparagus on our cruise ship food

Asparagus with beef and mustard sauce.

Cruise ship buffets:

I have no pictures of the buffet breakfast and lunches as l am positive everyone knows how those are. All good stuff in bulk. For breakfast, you had everything from omelettes to french toast and pancakes. Lunch offerings included sandwiches and rice based dishes while dinner was beef, potatoes and plenty of veggies. You could eat 24 hours a day if desired.

The dinners were more formal and very enjoyable as we chose group dining. There were two options offered for dinner dining.

You could either stay at the same table with the same group of diners every night. The other option was group dining where you were seated at emptier tables till it got full. We thought this was a great way to meet different people while on board and therefore chose that.

Over the nights, we met so many people from different parts of the world which made for a richer experience for us. We actually still keep in contact with a lady from Budapest, and another woman who ended up moving to Portugal, partially based on our recommendation.

Food on Cruise: Dessert:

Can’t forget that. Some of the ones consumed by us. I didn’t always have the cell with me, so there is lots of good stuff missing. Let me just say that we truly enjoyed the food. For foodies like us, it was a real treat. The staff were truly professional and dedicated.

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Trifecta of freshly made ice cream.

Trifecta of freshly made ice cream.


Lemon mouse cake l think this was. Cruise ship food is amazing

Lemon mouse cake that was so good. I think it’s impossible not to gain weight on any cruise.


Yummy Profiteroles was just one of our cruise ship food dessert

Yummy Profiteroles :-). I absolutely love eating these delightfully sweet desserts.


Chocolate mousse cake, cruise ship food to eat

Chocolate mousse cake


This was a lemon cake of sorts with a scoop of ice cream Cruise ship food

This was a lemon cake with chocolate base of sorts with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I loved it! Sugar be damned :-).

three scoops of ice cream with wafer cruise ship food

Trifecta of freshly made ice cream.

Is food included on all cruises?

Yes. Food is included on cruises, even the main dining rooms. Some ships however, have restaurants that are not included as part of your cruise experience. At these restaurants, you would have to make a reservation and pay for your meals.

These places are much more formal and require formal dressing. For some people who are cruising for a special occasion such as honeymoon, anniversary, etc., it makes sense to be in a quiet setting where you can enjoy the intimate setting.

Eating on cruise ship tips:

  • If you had food allergies or are on a special diet, make sure to inform the crew. The  next day’s menu is given ahead, so let them know beforehand so that they can accommodate your request. It worked out very well from what l observed.
  • It is perfectly okay to request a second helping :-).
  • Eat at the main dining room, at least on the first night. You get to meet others and you can decide what you want to do on the other nights.
  • Get to know the waiters. They are a wealth of information and can offer recommendations on food and drinks.
  • If it’s formal (usually the last night), please dress for it.
  • You can also have breakfast and lunch in the main dining room. Slower pace since it’s a bit more formal. A nice change from the buffet scene.
  • If you want a table for two only (honeymooners take note), you need to request it ahead of time

If you’re hankering for good food, it’s just one more reason to go on a cruise and eat well with the variety of cruise ship food offered. Remember that cruise ships empty world class chefs and so the quality of food is excellent.

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Cruise Vacations: Wrap Up

Cruise vacations are awesome and are for everyone, from kids to adults. Cruises offer plenty of activities, from dance classes to games, shows and movies. What l especially love about cruises is the fact that once you unpack once, you’re done.

You get to keep the same room. Different ports of call? No need to pack and repack, just disembark and do your excursions if you have any planned.

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What do you think of cruise ship food? Which dish or dessert do you think you would enjoy the most? My pick on this foodies cruise has to be the lamb chops with mint jelly. It was supercalifragalisticexpealidocious :-) .