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View of Ponte Vecchio Florence

Florence, Italy. View of the Ponte Vecchio

Our visit to Florence was a blast. We took the train from Rome’s Termini station and were in Florence about 3 hours later. It was a fun filled 3 days with good friends, good food and a lot of walking.

Florence is an amazing city full of history. Lots of shopping too, if that’s your thing, not to mention the museums. Our day in the walled medieval city of San Gimignano was the highlight of the trip for me. It is located in the Siena region of Tuscany.

We had originally planned to spend just a few hours, and then move on to Siena. Once we were there though, we were too enchanted with the city, and spent the day meandering about , taking in all the architecture of the tower houses.

It reminds of Malta in some ways. I guess we will have to save Siena for another day. I am glad it is not too far from Rome, as we can make a quick getaway to Florence when we visit my husband’s family.

I ended up buying a lovely Italian leather bag locally made in the area. The price was pretty reasonable too. I have to say that l think Florence has some of the best gelato in the world. My friend’s kid sampled a different one from pretty much every gelato place, it seemed like.

Aaah.. youth, she is only 16, so she doesn’t have to worry yet about “a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” problem.We finished our day there with a dinner of wild boar, florentine steak and lots of wine, for which the region is famous. Our friend’s wife was a little hesitant at first, but she was a trooper and loved it in the end. Here are some photos from the trip.

Florence Uffizi gallery side view


florence view from roof top

Florence is simply stunning:

Statue of David in Florence

The best part of Florence and Italy on the whole is that the city is an open air museum where you can find world class art, like this.. and for free!


Vitorio Emanuel statue in Florence Italy at sunset

Florence is such a walkable city. Once you have visited, you will be able to understand why everyone has nothing but love for this , yes..romantic city.

statue of man holding a head in Florence Italy

Very gruesome statue in the old center of Florence. I think it’s quite safe to say that the old Romans were not peace lovers. Gives a new meaning to “off with their heads”. I am assuming it is an intimidating and tactical move. One that worked of course.



art sculpture in Florence Italy center

BRS_7401 copy

San Gimiano Italt tower

One of the many narrow streets in San Gimignano Italy

Just one of the many lovely streets in San Gimignano. It was so much fun just roaming the narrow alleyways.

Landscape view of San Gimniano ItalyYou just can’t help thinking of “Under the Tuscan Sky” :-)