I present to you a flashback video of a photo session with Jamal the dancer. Jamal’s agent contacted my husband after seeing images of a photo session with a Houston based singer. They were in need of images as Jamal was being entered into a competition for a calendar. At this point, he was dancing off Broadway in New York but was home visiting.

Needless to say, l enjoyed this shoot tremendously. Usually, the sessions are with women mostly, so l was happy to have a tall handsome young man. Here are the chosen images from the session in a little video that l put together.

He did win with one of the images by the way, and was chosen as Mr. July for the calendar at a red carpet event in New York. The last l heard, he had gotten a big part as a dancer in some Broadway show. We wish him continued success. Enjoy the video.


I don’t have a regular post as we are busy packing. Much as we love our current flat, we do not love the neighbor. All that “love thy neighbor” BS is just crap” :-) . There is just way too much drama. They fight a lot, and loudly, with slamming doors and yelling, and they are not even married! They also leave their dog home a lot….a whole lot. Her “walk” is being led up to the roof where there is about 100 square feet of terrace.

That is not much space for a Labrador. She barks constantly because she is so lonely. It is not unusual for her to be cooped up in that little flat for 12 hours. Malta, unfortunately is not very dog friendly. Dogs for most people are not part of the family, they are kept on balconies or in garages etc. The cats get all the love.

In the meantime, please check out my post about the Danube River cruise in Budapest over at Travel Blue Book, a very cool website that hopes to inspire the traveler in all of us.