fab friday photo flashback

I think she was only pretending to push me in..

I must admit that l am starting to have a new appreciation for Facebook. It’s only been thanks to it that l have been able to see some old photos of mine that would otherwise have been gone! Never to be seen again after our computer crashed. I dug up this old pictures a few days ago and immediately knew l had to make it a Fab Friday find.

This is me and my best friend in the whole wide world. Steph and l met in Boston and have been friends now for over 30 years. There used to be 5 core friends. A Nigerian (me), a Bermudian (Steph), an Indian (J), a Lebanese (Z), and an Iranian (H). We lost track of the rest after school when everybody moved away. Steph and l remained friends. I have talked about her before in a previous post.

This picture is from our trip to Sydney, Australia. It was in 2000, the year the Olympics were held in the city. There was a lot of activity and construction going on in preparation. This was still in the days of crappy internet, 56k modem and AOL chat rooms, which is where l “met” Tony. We became chat buddies, then friends. He lived in Sydney and invited me to come visit. I was keen, but only if l could bring a friend.  He was fine with that. I was adventurous, but l wasn’t stupid ;-).

fab friday find flashback photo

Somewhere in Sydney..

I called Steph in Bermuda. She didn’t even hesitate :-). Boom! She was in Los Angeles. A couple of days later, we made the eighteen hour journey to Sydney together. We spent a little over two weeks with Tony. Light years before Couchsurfing!  He was a great guy, a real gentleman and we had the greatest time. He took time off work and showed us all around the city. We visited Bondi Beach, explored it’s Chinatown, dined at the 360 degree revolving restaurant which had awesome views of the city, and visited the Blue Mountains which is where this picture was taken.

We did some hiking about halfway to the top and saw some amazing waterfalls. Tony lived about 15 minutes via ferry in a suburb just outside of the city. It was wonderful taking that ferry almost on a daily basis. Everything was so lush and green all along the route. When the ferry pulled in to the harbor and you caught your first glimpse of the Sydney Opera House, I never ceased to be amazed. Each and every time.

I’m kind of sad that l don’t have more pictures from that trip. I am, however, happy that l have a good recollection of the good times (with Steph’s help hah hah!) . We kept in touch with Tony for several years, but have since lost contact with him :-( . I have to say that even though l loved the city, l have no really burning desire to visit it again. It’s one of those been there, done that places for me, unlike say London or Budapest.

Have you been to Australia? Did you enjoy it? If not, is it on your bucket list? Are you still enjoying the Fab Friday Finds?