My friend sent this photo to me on Facebook recently. It brought back really good memories. This particular photo was taken on my 30th birthday..ahem..several years ago :-) :-) ;-). It was an all girls weekend to Vancouver, Canada. I had gone there a couple of months prior for a World AIDS conference through my work. It was such a beautiful city that l promised myself l would come back soon.

My 30th birthday was the perfect occasion. We took the flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver, l think it was just about 3 hours. We had previously arranged for a limo to pick us up. It was quite reasonable, especially split 4 ways.

As it turned out, the driver was such a nice guy, and he had a free weekend, he ended up driving us for the WHOLE weekend for $300 U.S, and in those days, the dollar was stronger than the Canadian dollar!!! Thursday through Sunday evening., all day, all night. We felt like Rock stars. We got into clubs right away, and he totally played it to the hilt, uniform and all. It was fantastic.

I  remember we stopped at like a Woolworths store and the only CD we could find was  the best of Gerry Rafferty. We played that in the limo all weekend long, and till today, whenever l hear one of his songs, l can’t help but remember that weekend.  He showed us the sights and drove us to Whistler, a ski resort that was about 2 hours outside of the city to go horseback riding. We stopped close to the stable, and they had all these totem poles. He took this picture. We were so happy.

I also remember us making fun of D. in the mini jeans dress. She insisted on wearing to ride a horse, a mini and Birks on her feet! Needless to say, she gave all the riders a hell of a show ;-). The guys were happy, their girlfriends?… not so much. L. is now a mother of 2, and the youngest one N. with the long hair, a mother of 4! We remain dear friends, and we have spent many a holiday together. I consider them family.

D., unfortunately lost her battle with cancer almost a year ago. It made me sad that l was not in the U.S when it happened, and hearing about it was quite a shock. Her mom had died at about the same age from Lupus about 24 years ago, a little while after we had become friends. She always said she was going to die young. I would have liked to have been there for D. too.

Someday, l might tell about the rest of the weekend, maybe.. :-) . Life is short folks, enjoy it while you can.