Another picture from the treasure trove of my friend is this weeks Fab Friday Find. Here l am on horseback in Hawaii. I think this was in 1993 or pretty darn close to it. It was my first trip to Hawaii, and we were on the Big Island first. We spent a total of 5 days there.

I don’t remember too much about it, except for the fact that l didn’t like it as much. It felt like l was still in L.A at the Beverly Hills mall or something. Everything was oddly familiar, right down to the annoying tourists and the drunken college students. We did the usual things, shopping, checking out the waterfalls and all three of us universally hating the taste of Poi at a Luau.

Things in Hawaii were extremely expensive. Our breakfasts averaged $18 per person, without orange juice to boot!  Our reason for going there on vacation was twofold. One was to discover why everyone loved Hawaii so.

If you’re old enough to remember Magnum P.I, you know what l mean :-). The second reason was kind of a funny one. My friend B, who had picked up a distasteful cigarette habit, wanted to quit. I am still not sure of how we came up with the idea of going to Hawaii, staying at a beachfront hotel, having him smoke all the cigarettes he could possibly smoke in that 10 day period, with the promise that once we were back on the mainland, he was never to smoke again. :-)

Our last five days were spent in Kauai. I remember we rented this awesome maroon colored Ford Mustang convertible. I loved it, and the time we spent there. It was quiet, green and lush with wide open spaces. We drove with the top down listening to our favorite artists like Peter Murphy. My friends went swimming while l read beach side. We went for long walks and lounged pool side.

There was a heavy rainfall daily that lasted for about an hour in the late afternoon. In the evenings, we dined on awesome seafood. One of the things we did was to go horseback riding, and this is me on horseback. The horse was such a gentle giant. We got along famously on our two hour ride. I had such a blast, despite the soreness at the end. It let me envision myself as Calamity Jane :-) . Too bad l didn’t have a pistol to twirl. I much preferred that atmosphere to the super touristy one of the Big Island.

What about my friend you ask?  It worked. He was so sick of smoking by the time we got back to L.A that he did not touch cigarettes for years afterwards, at least eighteen years that l know of. l don’t think he smokes today either. I will find out the next time l see him :-).

Do you smoke? What are the wacky ways you have tried to stop if you do? If you’ve been to Hawaii, did you love it?