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Fabrica Moritz Barcelona

Where the nectar of life comes from at the Fabrica Moritz:-)

Fabrica Moritz:

Looming large on Ronda Santa Antoni in the El Raval neighborhood of Barcelona is the ever buzzing Fabrica Moritz Microbrewery, a favorite destination of tourists as well as locals.

Even though Fabrica Moritz is not located close to the usual suspect places, it is definitely worth a visit if you are in Barcelona. I didn’t want to finish the Barcelona visit without writing about this fantastic joint, a beer lover’s haven.

fabrica moritz barcelona bus

Moritz Barcelona display bus at the Moritz store.

Fabrica Moritz Barcelona History:

Louis Moritz moved to Barcelona from Alsace in 1851 and started producing his own beer in 1856. He acquired the old Maurer factory three years later. Over the years, he won several distinguished awards for the beer and sold quite a lot, setting a new record in Spain.

After his death in 1920, his family took over. The company was reborn in 2004. This was our final stop on the awesome, different side of Barcelona tour.

The Fabrica Moritz space

The Fabrica Moritz restaurant and microbrewery space is humongous and spread out over 2 floors..

fabrica moritz barcelona bar

Part of the bar space at Fabrica Moritz Barcelona restaurant..

Cerveza Moritz: The Brewery

Fabrica Moritz stainless steel tank

Fabrica Moritz fermenting tank. Moritz beer is produced right in the same space as the restaurant.


The basement stage at Fabrica Moritz

The basement stage at Fabrica Moritz


moritz fabrica machine

Part of the preparation of cerveza Moritz

Moritz Brewery Tour:

We got to tour the microbrewery.  Yearly production of fresh, unpasteurized beer is about 3,000 hectoliters! That is a whole load of tasty beer. It is made with fresh spring water that is collected in the Montseny region of Catalonia, just a few miles away from the factory.

According to our guide, only the freshest hops, malt and yeast are used to make the unpasteurized beer according to  German purity law standards. In addition to the brewery and restaurant, there is also the M concept store and a bakery on site.

If beer is not your thing, there is a full wine bar that sells wine by the glass and even by weight. Over 500 kinds if l remember correctly. You’re sure to find something to like.

The Moritz Epidor Fresca - the darker, roasted flavored one.

The Moritz Epidor Fresca bee at La Fabrica Barcelona – the darker, roasted flavored one.

We were shown the various room where the beer is produced. Most were in the basement. It was kind of heady going down the steps with the strong smell of hops and wheat and yeast.

I wish l could describe it more in detail, but l am not proficient in beer or brewery lingo. I just know what l like. I can definitely tell you that l loved, loved, loved the Moritz Fresca Lager. It was the lighter shade of yellow, and was so crisp and refreshing :-).

Mortiz Beer:

The Moritz beer is made from the fresh spring water, Saaz hops flowers, which are allegedly one of the most expensive hops in the world and extra pale malts that are exclusive to the Moritz. I’m not surprised l liked that one better, l have very expensive tastes :-).

The other kind that we tried was the Moritz Epidor Fresca,  which was a darker shade. That was way too strong for my taste.  Caramel malt, along with a long fermentation time gives it the (in my opinion) very harsh taste. I noticed that a lot of the guys at the table preferred that one. I have never been a fan of stout beers.

fabrica moritz fresca

My precious! The Moritz Fresca, my favorite Fabrica de serves

Restaurante Moritz Barcelona: Awesome Food!

The Moritz restaurant has a dizzying array of over 300 items on the menu, mixture of German and Catalan influences. The prices were pretty reasonable too. I especially liked this pizza they had called the Flammkuchen. It was a very thin and crunch dough, square, with bacon and onions and some sort of cream.

Everything we ate was so delicious. I can’t wait to visit Barcelona again, so l can return to this place. There are so many other things l want to try. The German style sausages are worth mentioning.

wiener shnitzels plate la fabrica barcelona

Restaurante La Fabrica: You know it has to be good when even the German guys at the table raved about the wiener schnitzels!


I can't even remember what the dish on the right is made of, but it was so frigging good!

Fabrica Moritz food: I can’t even remember what the dish on the right is made of, but it was so frigging good!



Yummy sardines were part of the menu at restaurant La Fabrica Barcelona..


fish tapa with sun dried tomatoes at la fabrica barcelona

I really liked this fish tapa with sun dried tomatoes at Moritz Barcelona La Fabrica


I loved this pizza!

Fabrica Moritz Pizza: I loved this “pizza”! It was so delicate

very tasty dessert plate

Fabrica Mortiz Barcelona dessert collection: very tasty..


I think l can safely say this is the best ice cream l have ever tasted!

Dessert at La Fabrica Moritz. I think l can safely say this is one of the best ice cream l have ever tasted! So fresh..

Microbrewery Barcelona:

The remnants from the brewery does not go to waste either. They go into making things like beer flavored biscuits and bread, even cosmetics that are sold in the M concept store at Fabrica Moritz. How cool!

One of the other things l liked was the little concert stage in the soundproof basement that is used for private parties and concerts. There is a bar down there too. No disturbing the neighbors :-).

Moritz Brewery Barcelona

Fabrica Moritz stays open till 3AM for the night owls. Great food, great beer, great atmosphere..what else is there? You just need great friends to share them with!!! This Barcelona microbrewery is worth visiting for some good food and good vibes.

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Have you been to the Fabrica Moritz? If so, did you enjoy it? More importantly, would you recommend it to others as a must visit like l do?