fab friday find photo versailles

The fountain wasn’t on. It was cold and windy – see my flyaway hair!

Back before solo female travel became a thing, I was already doing it, as were a lot of older women :-) . We just didn’t have smart phones with front facing cameras, GoPro or Internet at the ready to publicize it. Nope!!! In the good old days, you had a lovely 110 or 35mm camera. You actually had to stop a stranger, ask them to take a picture of you, and you would normally reciprocate. Then when you got home, you had the film developed and crossed your fingers that a few pictures would come out okay! I sometimes miss that. Nowadays, l am more likely to be gouged in the eye by a stick ;-) .

fab friday find photo versailles

There were so many lovely statues all around the fountain.

This Versailles pictures are from one of my solo trips. This one was to Paris in January of 1998. A day trip to Versailles was called for as l had always wanted to visit this gorgeous palace with the very colorful and rich history. I took the morning train in from Paris and l remember it being a very chilly day. The first thing that struck me, and that l loved were the checkered black and white flooring everywhere. It looked just like our kitchen back at home, only with marble instead of those stick ons. I loved the tour of the palace grounds, even though l totally hated the fact that everything was roped off. I also remember that there was a crap load of pink. That seems to be a recurring theme with all palaces. A whole lot of pink. I always figure the reason is pretty much like it is today. Keeping up with the Joneses. I imagine someone did it first. The other kings and queens saw it and of course had to follow suit. Things will never change :-) . As much as l enjoyed the interior of the palace, I loved the gardens even more, truly spectacular. You could walk for hours and not see everything.

I could not for the life of me figure out how to get my return ticket back to Paris at the train station and the train was about to leave which would have ruined my plans completely. I ended up just getting on the train. Wouldn’t you know it? I got busted once there as l could not produce my ticket. My French (what tiny bit it was) completely failed me and l rambled on in English. The police man eventually sighed and sent me off on my way with one of those “damn foreigner” looks. Whew! I don’t recommend it. Somewhere l still have my guide-book :-).

Have you every been on a solo trip? Would you take one or do you prefer a couples or group tour. I personally like them all. The point is just to travel!!!!