fab friday find photo puerto rico

Me in front of a  Taino Indian”Bohio” in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

I found this fab Friday find in my archives as l was looking for a letter. This is me on one of my trips to Puerto Rico. The picture is dated 1985. Thank God by the way for the old stamps. The memory is not what it used to be and l get confused sometimes as to when the trips were. One of my best friends in school was from Puerto Rico, born and bred in San Juan. I didn’t go back to Africa for that summer, so his family invited me to spend some time with them. I think this was on my second trip.We piled into his dad’s car one day along with his junior brother and sister and he drove us to Ponce. The point of the post is to show that fashion is forever revolving in a true circle. Take the pants l’m wearing for instance.  They are the same “jeggings” that are being worn nowadays. It reminds me of my old high school principal. We nicknamed him “Pencil” :-). Why you ask? Because he only wore the slim pants that everyone wears today. In those days however, we were still wearing bell bottoms, so it was so strange to see this man in fitted pants. Yet, in 1985, l was wearing the same molded to my body  jeans, proving what goes around, comes around :-).

Federico says l look like a Genie :-) in this colorful getup. What do you think?

Federico says l look like a Genie :-) in this colorful getup. What do you think? His dad’s Brady Bunch like wagon sits right there..Loving my mullet though!

His dad owned a flower shop in San Juan. What a nice family. I sometimes regret not keeping in touch with my friend and miss him. He came out to visit me in Los Angeles years ago when we were still in touch, which we did for years after college. His then girlfriend, (later his wife), however did not like me. This guy was a total babe magnet. I was immune to his charm, we were just really good, close friends. Yes, friendship is possible between men and women.

I was not invited to the wedding ;-), but l expected that. Needless to say,  the friendship came to an end sadly. I received a friend request from him on Facebook about 3 years ago, but declined. They still live in Boston, and l still keep track of him via my best friend Steph, so it’s not a total loss. I am just glad he is doing well.

The takeaway from all this, save your clothes :-). The style will eventually come back. Had l saved this pants, l could be wearing them now :-) :-) :-). Stretching that elastic to the limit, but yet..they would still fit and l could go around telling people that l still wear the same size as l did in college :-). That being said, l hope bell bottoms never come back!!! Yikes!

Are you dreading what fashion style is going to be revisited? Did you ever wear polyester bell bottoms proudly? Would you wear them again? Will you be glad to see jeggings go away?