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encarnacion market seville

One of the fruit and vegetable stalls at the Encarnacion market. If you visit the Metropol Parasol, make sure to also visit the market.

If you visit Seville, one of the top things to see in Seville is the Encarnacion market where the locals shop for groceries. Lots of meat sold there. Where’s the fruit you say??? Glad you asked, as l have the answer for you.

We not only found the fruit, but the jamon, duck, rabbit and seafood too! Our lovely hostess D. with whom we had the tasty Withlocals dinner showed us around Seville center on one of her days off. It was so wonderful finding out little tidbits about the city that she is proud of. As well she should be, I love this place. The Encarnacion market was one of the great places in Seville.

encarnacion market seville cheses aand cold cuts stall

Seville Tourism should include seeing how the locals live and where they shop. I always like comparing prices, it gives you an insight into the cost of living.

The Encarnacion market is located on the bottom floor of the Metropol Parasol , known as La Seta (the mushroom) to locals. I have written about the Metropol before. A place definitely worth seeing, if only for the great 360 degree view of the city. It is one of the local markets where people shop for their fish, as well as fruits and vegetable. It was reopened here, its original location after having being “temporarily” moved nearby.

This newly renovated place is quite nice, very light, very bright, very airy. There are roughly 40 stalls from what l counted selling various seafood like tuna, clams, mussels and cod-fish. It was a pleasure to walk around, the aisles were wide and plenty of space for people to maneuver their shopping bags on wheels. The fish mongers were smiling, and the offerings looked really fresh.


encarnacion seville fish sall

Right under the Seville mushroom is the Encarnacion market. Along with the ruins, you can make an afternoon of Seville sightseeing.

The fruit and vegetable stands also had everything, from the biggest bell peppers l have ever seen to garlic, eggplant and tomatoes. It was on that morning full of old ladies and men shopping. The people were obviously used to strangers with cell phones, like me taking photos, and they were very obliging when l asked to take photos of their stands. We did however noticed that the prices were a bit higher at the Encarnacion market than what we usually pay at our local veggie stand and supermarket.

Some were about €3-4 higher. From what l understand, you have to do your due diligence if you live in Seville as a foreigner, as you would be given a higher price with them thinking you were a tourist. Personally, l tend to shop at places that clearly have their prices marked. I don’t like surprises :-) .

encarnacion market 3

Encarnacion market stall with fruits and veggies. This market is one of the cleanest and newest in Spain and worth visiting. You can get tapas and people watch.


encarnacion market seville poster.

The old market place (temporary) in Sevila. The new site of the Encarnacion market is so much cleaner and a delight to visit.

This is a perfect place to shop for groceries if you live in Seville old town, or are renting while on vacation or slow travel. It is a pleasure to shop there. There are two cafes  that serve food made from fresh ingredients found right in there. That makes it kind of cool :-) . The one other thing that l absolutely loved about this market was that every stall seemed to have a ticket counter machine!. Yeeesss!!!!

One of my pet peeves about waiting in line for service in Spain is the fact that a lot of places, like the bank do not have those red counters, from which you can get a number and wait your turn. Nope! You have to find out who the “ultimo” (last) person is, and then keep track for when it’s your turn. Very frustrating indeed. I also forgot to take any pictures of the meat counters with the gigantic hanging Jamon Iberico..sorry..but there’s plenty of them.

encarnacion market, seville stall with grocer

Diego stall at Encarnacion Market Seville

So, for what to do in Seville, you can check out where the locals shop, maybe grab a bite..then check out the Roman ruins in the museum in the basement and of course the view from the top. It’s €2 entry fee for the ruins and the view, and that includes a drink at the restaurant upstairs. Very good value indeed. The location of the Encarnacion market is Plaza de la Encarnacion. Easy right? :-) . Just look for the giant shaped mushroom building which is La Seta. Very hard to miss and one of the top sights of Seville.

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Encarnacion Market Seville #mustseeseville #sevilleguide #visitseville #spain #markets #foodmarkets #lasetaseville

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Do you have a market close to you in your neck of the woods where you can shop for fresh food? Or are you stuck going to the supermarkets only?