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Okay, l admit it. I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did. It happened slowly. I have never been a big coffee drinker, no Starbucks for me, certainly not at the prices they charge. We have always made our coffee at home.

Since moving here however, l have slowly adopted the European habit of cappuccino, coffee , and espressos throughout the day. In December, when we were in Marseilles, the flat we stayed in had a Nespresso machine. We indulged daily, and l wanted my own so badly. We actually visited the Nespresso store whilst there, and l watched the commercials with George Clooney, picturing myself hanging out with him.

The store was incredibly busy, lines 20 deep, no kidding. The French love their espresso!!! We talked to one of the sales people and settled on a mid range priced one. I did not want to bring it with us as suggested as we would have to pay an outrageous sum with Ryanair. They were also willing to ship it to us for a fee, which would have been fine until l realized that we would have to order the cartridges online after running out. Not going to happen, l remember ordering my Peet’s coffee online before they opened the free standing stores in L.A. and l didn’t like it. Too much to remember. My heart was broken, but l would get over it.

Over Christmas, we went to the Tigne Point mall in Sliema to see the Christmas decorations. One of the stores that sold kitchen ware had a coffee stand at the door manned by this little lady. The aroma was intoxicating. We tasted the espresso offered, and l knew we had to have this machine.

The name Dolce Gusto means “sweet taste” in italian. I am married to one, and he loves it as much as l do, maybe even more :0) . It’s been great for when we have friends over, as each person can have their preferred drink.

The price ($99)was lower than the Nespresso ($300) and they had way more choices too. We purchased our little beauty in a red color and brought it home. We have been in coffee heaven ever since, have saved a bit of money making it at home as opposed to the bar too.

The cafe downstairs sells the cappuccino for $2.95, ours cost just 75 cents to make! It is so easy to use as well, just turn it on, wait for the green light and flip the switch. In about a minute, you are sipping on delicious mocha, cappuccino , espresso, chai latte tea, whatever strikes your fancy.

There are at least 16 flavors of coffee and tea, and you can make it hot or cold. My favorite so far is the Chococino. It is so yummy, tastes like a super rich Quik, not surprising of course since that is also by Nestle. The best part is that unlike the Nespresso, we can pick up the cartridge boxes at our local supermarket. I found out later that both Dolce Gusto and Nespresso are made by Nestle/krups. I’ve got a secret too, l like the taste of my Dolce Gusto better, it’s not quite as strong/bitter, so George , keep your froufrou machine, and l will keep my little monster!
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How about you? Any lurking coffee addiction? Can l tempt you with a latte made with my little old Dolce Gusto???