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We can’t say it’s winter weather here, unlike most parts of the world..but, it has been quite cold. Throw in the winds and it’s downright bone chilling. I think we have consumed more tea in the past three weeks than we have all year. I’m not sure why l thought Valencia would be warmer than Seville. Wrong! We are staying put for the holidays once again, just like we did in Seville last year. Because both of us have been with family for weeks just recently, there was no real urgency to brave the holiday crowds, not to mention the astronomical costs of plane tickets. Like Malaga and Seville, the Christmas decorations are concentrated in the city center. The only decorations l see is the occasional Santa on a balcony or a potted plant. I think that there is actually a more festive atmosphere because everyone comes out at night to hang out , the shops are open late as usual and the smell of chestnuts roasting fill the air. Children and adults alike ice skating in a safe environment. This is something we would have never done back in the states for safety concerns. The best part of the holiday for me has been not having to listen to any freaking Christmas songs :-). Working in the pharmacy, we heard nothing but 746 versions of Jingle Bells, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, White Christmas etc. ad nauseam.

From Mercat Colon Valencia:

christmas postcards from valencia spain

Entrance to the Colon market.

The Mercat Colon was built in 1916 and is practically smack dab in the center of town. It was originally a market built to serve the needs of the rapidly expanding neighborhood. It eventually became run down before a refurbishment project that has given it new life as a hip hangout. There are tons of eateries, pubs and shops.

colon market valencia spain interior

Great place to hang out on a cold night. Plenty of coffee shops and bars.

postcards from valencia spain

This is the Christmas tree at the Mercat Colon, one of the posh areas of the city.

From the Ayutamento:

The town hall plaza is where the officia tree sits, along with a temporary carousel and ice skating rink. Not many people were riding the carousel, but plenty were skating. There are some pop up Christmas markets here and at the train station from what we heard, but we didn’t visit any.

ayutamento valencia xmas lights

The town hall and it’s simple but beautiful lights.

Similar to the one in Seville, but maybe a little smaller.

ice skaters valencia spain christmas

The crowds at the center

We would like to take this chance to wish everyone an absolutely fantastic holiday season filled with love and peace. This will be our last blog post for the year. Our plans for the holiday involves lots of soups in our newly purchased slow cooker (our Christmas gift to ourselves) and plenty of movie marathons. Our travel plans for the new year are still evolving. I hope to include at least one or two trips to Africa. Eastern Europe is also still very much on the list. I’m curious to see how it all pans out. See you in 2018!

How will you be celebrating the holidays in your neck of the woods?

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