July 21, 2019

chinese garden pavilion

Chinese Garden of Serenity is  another one of those lovely finds that one expects on a Malta holiday. The Chinese garden of serenity is located in the little town of Santa Lucija, which is in the south of the island.  l think it is a must see that should be on your Malta itinerary. Even more so if you like Chinese philosophy and cultural aspects. Malta is a very popular destination for youngsters who invade the island in a quest for never ending parties and cheap booze. l think the majority of the tour companies cater to them in the form of party boats and pub crawling.

Malta is also a favourite destination for older people who not only appreciate the beach, but history and art, both of which are found in abundance in this little island. This whole neglected section of people would appreciate a visit here, one of the most beautiful gardens in Malta.

You’re hard pressed to find any information about it in any of the tourist recommended things to do in Malta. It’s a shame, because even though it is kind of out-of-the-way, it should be on any list of what to see in Malta, right alongside the walled city of Mdina for instance.

Along with the trappings of a sunny, beach going holiday, it is essential to soothe the soul in my humble opinion and  it is well worth spending an afternoon there because of the surrounding beauty, which differs from the city. There are some lovely Maltese garden statues scattered around, and the combination with the Chinese statue elements, makes for an interesting visit. The garden was officially opened in 1997.



entrance map chinese garden of serenity malta

Entrance to the Chinese garden of serenity explaining the use of water to represent life, from birth to death. One of the many fun things to do in Malta.

Chinese Garden Of Serenity Visit:

Once at the Chinese garden vicinity, there is little in the way of restaurants there, so it’s best to arm yourself with food purchased from Valletta, such as delicious lamb kebab wraps, Maltese pastries and soda. If you’re so inclined, you could also pack a picnic basket to enjoy the ambience while you eat. What a pleasant surprise the Chinese garden of serenity turns out to be.

Santa Lucija is a sleepy little town that looks like time completely forgot it. This is an authentic glimpse into the past and shows you how the everyday life in Malta really is like for the locals. There are few cars and the population hovers around 2200. Despite its tiny size (0.3 square miles), it is not only home to the Chinese garden of serenity, but a small Hypogeum (underground structure) as well.

 Garden of serenity Malta entrance

Entrance Fountain at Chinese Gardens St Lucia

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Woman in Chinese pavilion

Pavillions in the community phase of life

Chinese Garden of Serenity entrance Fee:

Chinese Garden of Serenity is free to the public, and was officially opened in 1997. The Chinese garden has a lot of rocks and water which is supposed to symbolize nature, the yin and yang, life from birth to death and the Chinese Garden is laid out to represent this.


pond with pavilion view at gardens St. Lucija

Serenity St Lucia is also known as the Chinese Garden of Serenity. Ponds and pavilions galore.

doorway at the chinese garden of serenity Malta

Get your Zen Malta on at the Chinese garden of serenity .


chinese tables and stools chines garden of serenity st lucia malta #chinesegardenmalta #malta #visitmalta

Maltese outdoor statues dot the gardens alongside tables and stool offering shade. It certainly does give you a sense of serenity.

The serenity garden is laid out in a way to take you from childhood to maturity, to death. The cycle of life. The childhood is the space between the fountain and the door to the garden, a waiting room to maturity of sorts. Once pas the doors, there are two paths, just like in life. The straight and narrow (good life, no problems, easy) while the other path is crooked, with curves full of adventure, away from the protective parents (in the form of lions).

Chinese Garden Malta stages:

Other stages of life are represented in the Chinese garden of serenity. These include:

Active Life:

This road is full of winding paths and difficulties. The bridge is in a zig-zag shape to signify choices we make to overcome life challenges. There is also a spiritual retreat path here, away from the maddening crowd. This is where your mind clears and you derive pleasure from nature and your spirit soars. Everything is linked, and you can wander from one to the other, just like in life with its ups and downs.

Contemplative Life:

This begins at the bamboo gardens and reeds. There are plenty of shadows to boot signifying never ending thoughts in life. Continuous streams of water hitting the rocks as it recycles into the pond. The noise is interspersed with complete silence in some areas allowing you to just take in the sight and savor the smells of the flowers.

The Community:

From the active life, one comes into the community. There is a row of stones in the pond to represent the various trials and tribulations one goes through in life  in order to find their tribe. At the end of the road is the waterfall, the water cascading into the pool to signify unity in the community. A coin at the end of the hall stands for wealth and the other side has a pear which represents a happy and long life.

pond at chinese garden of serenity malta

Chinese water gardens in St Lucia Malta. Malta nature at its best.

We loved walking through the zig-zag pathway leading us to the back. Along the way, there are pavilions and several bodies of water. One of the pillars at the Chinese garden has a poem which reads “Around the outside door the plane is full of flowers which spreads sweet smells” . The flowers were in full bloom and we had the whole garden to ourselves, save for one or 2 people and a guard that was sunning himself on one of the benches.

The whole space in the Chinese serenity water gardens really makes you connect with nature. Living on the island of Malta, there is hardly any green or quiet space. There is so much construction and grime and noise, it’s nice to be able to take a breather from that and connect with nature in the Chinese garden of serenity.

How to say serenity in Chinese:

Serenity is Ningjing (宁静 ) in Chinese. In English, serenity is defined as “the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled”. The Chinese garden in St Lucija puts you in that exact state of mind and it is a wonderful feeling. We enjoyed getting away from the bustling city and escaped there quite a few times while we lived on the island. Chicken soup for the soul so to speak. 

Chinese garden of serenity Malta #visitmalta #chinesegardenmalta #maltatravel


entrance to chinese garden of serenity malta


chinese garden of serenity malta rocks and bowl

Serenity water gardens in Malta. This one was dry though.

The Chinese Garden is meant as a place to reflect. It is such a serene, peaceful and picturesque place. We sat for a while quietly on a bench, watching the fish in the pond. I think it would be difficult to go here and not feel relaxed and stress free, at least for a bit. It is such an unexpected thing to find in this concrete jungle that is Malta, an oasis from the outside world. I really liked it.

There are Chinese sculptures depicting everyday life, like a man sipping tea, women weaving silk, a man playing Chinese checkers. The other side of the garden has some picnic tables and some park benches. It’s the idyllic setting to seat and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Chinese statues at Oriental garden in Malta

Malta things to do : Music players at the Chinese garden of serenity.

Chinese garden sculpture

Some of the many Chinese garden statues. An old man drinking tea in the shadows.


Chinese sculpture at Chinese garden St Lucija Malta

What to visit in Malta? St. Lucia gardens of serenity

I highly recommend a visit there. It is a nice way to pass a couple of hours. Pack a picnic, and enjoy the peace and quiet. I, however could not resist saying “Serenity now!” – a reference to Seinfeld.  You can never have too much peace  :o) !!! Since there are usually very few visitors, you will practically have the whole place to yourself. It is serene! as intended.

curvy path Chinese garden of serenity St Lucija

A Malta must see – One can choose to take the curvy path in the active life. I like the fact that it makes you think and reflect.

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straight path chinese garden

Choosing to take the straight path in life at the Chinese garden of serenity Malta

Chinese garden of serenity Santa Lucja address:

Triq Il Pepprin, Santa Lucija, Malta

How to get to the Chinese Garden of Serenity:

To get to the Chinese garden of serenity, you need to take the Number 83 bus from Valletta, the capital. It is just past Marsa, in Santa Lucja, south of the island. If you choose to drive, get a great car rental deal with Auto Europe.

Chinese garden of serenity Malta opening hours:

Open daily from 8AM – 6PM

If you visit Malta, or if you reside in Malta, l think it is a place worth checking out. I’m sure you would enjoy it. It is a child friendly activity in Malta and should definitely be on any Malta itinerary.

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What say ye about the Chinese Garden of Serenity? Is it your kind of place, or do you prefer the hustle and bustle?