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Brussels Belgium top highlights. The Grand Palace in the Square..

The Grand Palace in the Square is one of the top attractions in Brussels.

I’ve wanted to visit Brussels for over twenty years! Imagine that! Ever since l discovered the Muscles from Brussels, also known as Jean Claude Van Damme :-). Who can forget him in classics like Lionheart and Bloodsport, among others. I appreciate all my golden oldies B action movie stars. Anyhow, I’m not sure why it took me so long to get there.

Brussels top highlights include the central square

The Central Square in Brussels. A must see on any Brussels vacation itinerary.

Our Belgium visit:

We spent time visiting Brussels, Ghent and Bruges. This post will reveal what we consider Brussels top highlights that should be considered on your visit. In my opinion, Brussels, and in fact Belgium, really is the melting pot of Europe. From what l saw, everybody coexisted well.

You saw people of all colours, age, etc. all just going about their business..together. It was refreshing to see kids, Christians, and devout Muslims giggling together on the Metro, which by the way runs like clockwork.

I booked our tickets to Belgium shortly after the terrorist attacks in Paris and the foiled terrorist attack in Belgium. I choose not to live my life in fear. Seeing Brussels made me understand why the E.U council and NATO are headquartered there. It’s a true representation of the diversity in the world. I like it.


What to see in Brussels:

  • Manneken-Pis
  • Atomium
  • Grand Palace and Market Square
  • Belgian beer tasting
  • Street Art hunting and appreciation
  •  Cinquantenaire Park
  • Food in all forms
  • Belgian Waffles
  • Belgian Chocolate
  • Royal Palace and park
  • Brussels Cathedral
  • NATO

The Royal Palace brussels

The Royal Palace in Brussels, another popular tourist attraction in Brussels.

Doesn't it remind you of London? Brussels monument

Doesn’t it remind you of London? Palace area in Brussels.

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Brussels Royal Park

Not sure why this guy is wearing a dress :-) in the Royal Park in Brussels.


royal park brussels statues babies

Royal park in Brussels. We enjoyed visiting this grand park a lot. It was close to where we stayed.

Manneken Pis Brussels:

mannekin pis brussels

Must do things in Brussels include a visit to Manneken Pis . What a tiny little thing the pis boy is? Blink and you’ll miss him ;-). Most people consider this the ultimate Brussels icon but l just don’t get it.


Belgian waffles in Brussels is a must!:

 mannequin pis statue in chocolate brussels #visitbrussels #brusselshighlights #whattodoinbrussels

I much preferred this mannequin pis of chocolate. Chocolate or any other condiment covered waffles is one of the many yummy things to eat in Brussels. Sweet and delicious.


belgian waffles with sugar, chocolate frosting in store front

Yummy Belgian waffles in Brussels with all kinds of toppings. Might just be my favorite thing to do in all of Belgium :-).


 Strawberry and chocolate waffles in Brussels belgium

So we indulged in tasty waffles in Brussels. Strawberry and chocolate. It’s much too sweet for my taste though, so once was enough. I stuck with fruit, strawberries and kiwi topped ones while Federico indulged his sweet tooth.

The famous detective Rin Tin Tin and his dog. street art brussels

The famous detective Rin Tin Tin and his dog. Fun and quirky things to do in Brussels include seeking out street art, which is plentiful.


older building art deco brussels

I love architectural designs and found buildings in Brussels very beautiful.

Where to stay in Brussels:

Find the best hotels in Brussels Belgium

We stayed at an airbnb flat close to the Central Station, and it was quite convenient for getting around the city. It was a quick 20 minute ride from the airport, and was a nice walk to the Cathedral and the Grand Palace. We loved it and have no problems recommending it to others as a great place to stay in Brussels if you prefer private lodging.

bart deco building in Brussels

Our rental flat was on the right side street in this building. Very cool neighborhood

If you prefer a hotel, book your hotel room at the award winning Made in Louise Hotel:

Made in Louise hotel Executive room. TripAdvisor image

We went to visit the Atomium. We didn’t do the tour, I did not want to shell out €11 per person to ride up for 3 reasons,

– The tubes connecting the spheres look really, really claustrophobic, l don’t think l would have enjoyed it.

– The price had been upped from the €9 stated on the website to €11 – so not worth it

– It was about a 25 minute ride on the Metro and you went through the really gritty areas of Brussels which might have made for an interesting view from the top :-).


The Atomium in Brussels

The Atomium in Brussels is one of the top tourist things to do in Brussels. It’s a little bit outside of the central artery so many people give it a miss, but it’s definitely worth seeing in my opinion.


be welcome brussels

Welcome to Brussels sign is very close to where the Atomium is located.


The Heysel Stadium

The Heysel Stadium in Brussels.

It was worth going to, and l liked the Be.Welcome sign at the bottom. Added bonus was that Federico was happy to see the Heysel Stadium. It was the site of a tragedy in 1985 during a European Cup final between Liverpool and Italy’s Juventus teams, which resulted in 39 deaths and over 600 injuries. A grim day in the world of football.

belgian chocolate in brussels

who can resist Belgian chocolate? .. not me.. A must do in Brussels is to try some of the best chocolate in the world.

The Cathedral in brussels

This Brussels Cathedral is gorgeous and a recommended visit. Truthfully, we have seen way prettier ones, but it’s still worth checking out, especially if you love Gothic architecture.


brussels cathedral interior

What to see in Brussels – Lovely interior of the Brussels cathedral.. another great place to visit in Brussels.


Brussels top highlights of Nato office building

Love the curve on the building. One of the NATO buildings in Brussels


heart of europe statue brussels

Brussels Belgium top highlights – Brussels is a very cosmopolitan city that reminded me a lot of London. This is a statue in front of the office buildings by NATO

brussels belgium top highlights carousel royal park brussels

One of Brussels points of interest is the Royal Park. I think they give concerts or something there, as there were benches in front.

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How long to visit Brussels?

We really enjoyed our Brussels visit. I do believe 2-3 days in Brussels is perfect for visiting this beautiful city. It’s just enough time to check out the sights, eat and drink a wide variety of food and beer. Some say Brussels is boring. I don’t agree. Bruges and Ghent may be more exciting maybe, but it certainly does not make this city boring. If you get a chance to go, l definitely would.

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Have you ever been on a  Brussels holiday? If yes, did you enjoy it or are you one of those who couldn’t wait to leave?