Frugal London – Doing London Cheaper Tips

Frugal London – Doing London Cheaper Tips

Last Updated: A Frugal London Trip: Best London Travel Tips Frugal London???! Yes, yes, yes..l know.  Those two words do not belong together. However, it is still possible not to break the bank when you visit this wonderful place. Here are some tips on...

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Beach Wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica – Flashback Video

Here is the second in the series of flashback videos. In case you did not see the first video, it is here in Flashback Video - Montego Bay. This is the beach wedding of Ashley and Brian.  They had decided on a beach wedding in Jamaica when their wedding planning got...

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Madrid: Loving it like a Madrileno – Part 2

Madrid: Loving it like a Madrileno – Part 2

Hopefully, you've read part one of our recent trip. If you have not, you can find it here,  Madrid . Here are a 3 more ways to feel like a native: LOVE FOOTBALL WITH PASSION!   Football, as in soccer that is. No hand touching here, unless you...

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Mercado de San Miguel Madrid Food Porn: Tapas Galore

Last modified: July 14, 2019 A return visit to one of our favourite markets, the Mercado de San Miguel for us!. My mother-in-law recently visited us from Rome and her wish was to visit Madrid. We were only happy to comply because we absolutely love the city and have...

Food Tour In Rome With The Roman Guy Is Excellent

Updated: Our Rome food tour with The Roman Guy recap.  We always return with good memories and this time was no different. We were delighted to visit family, revisit old favorites as well as discover new ones. On this particular visit, we were also...

How To Spend A Day In Madrid Spain

Last Updated: A week in is barely enough to scratch the surface of this wonderful city, never mind a day in Madrid! It is however possible to get a sense of its magnificence in 24 hours or less. Madrid is one of our favourite places in Spain, and we...

That Was Quick! Looking Back At a Terrific Year

That was extremely quick! 2016 seems to have come and gone in a flash. It seems like just yesterday l was reflecting on 2015 and our plans for the new year. Here l am again with a wrap-up of our fun and travel filled year. We have enjoyed sharing the year with you and...

Big 5 African Safari Success (Helpful Tips Too!)

Updated: One of the experiences we were looking forward to on our recent trip to Johannesburg in South Africa was a chance to see animals up close and personal in their natural habitat. That of course meant a safari! Due to a lack of time, we were not...

Emotional Visit to the Apartheid Museum Johannesburg

Updated: On our recent visit to Johannesburg, I had some reservation about seeing the Apartheid Museum. I knew it would be hard, emotional and might make me angry. We were enjoying the city as a whole and thought this might just drag us down enough to...

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